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Why Use A Digital Marketing Agency?

Save yourself time, money and hassle by outsourcing your digital marketing.

What to expect from a digital marketing agency

Hiring well rounded, competent digital marketing staff can be tough and in recent times, it’s proven more difficult than ever to attract the right talent. This is where the help of a digital marketing agency can really make a difference…

One of the main benefits of a digital marketing agency is that all of the hard work is out of your hands. 

  • They can manage your entire online presence for you – from developing your website and managing your social media paid ads, to maximising your technical SEO efforts and creating your visual content.
  • An agency will help you strengthen your overall digital marketing strategy, identify where your business can improve and then make those improvements happen.
  • They’ll make your business more visible to prospective customers, and they’ll draw those prospects in using as many or as few marketing channels as you’d like.
  • A digital marketing agency should integrate within your business, learn how you work and establish who you are to deliver on your objectives.
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Here at Boom we work hard to develop a team-like relationship with our clients. You can trust that your business is our business.

What are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?

Hiring an external agency to cover all your digital marketing needs can be far more cost effective as any good agency will have staff dedicated to a particular specialism – allowing for a much more collaborative approach.

Some businesses will hire an in-house digital marketing specialist and keep all their work internal. It can appear to be the cheapest, easiest option. A way to minimise costs, maximise ROI and maintain complete control over how your business appears online.

But this isn’t always the case, as very rarely is one person up to scratch in all areas of digital marketing.

The average monthly cost of using an agency can easily equal the cost of a single full time, mid-level marketing employee but it brings far more in the way of specialist skills, support and flexibility.

Here’s a handful of reasons why you should consider hiring an agency over an in-house digital marketing person…

You’ll get access to a wide range of resources…

The success of digital marketing relies on having access to the right tools and skills. 

To give an in-house team the best chance of success, you’ll inevitably have to spend on specialised tools – creating additional costs on top of salaries.

At Boom, we spend over £1500 a month just on subscriptions to software, programmes and marketing tools.

Every part of our team has access to all the support they need to maximise their results. From the industry-leading analytic tools that our SEO and PPC teams use to measure and produce results, to the specialist software that our design and development teams use for their projects.

Some of the tools we use regularly include:

Adobe Creative Cloud, Ahrefs, Sistrix, SEMrush and Supermetrics to name a few.

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It’s more cost-effective…

Digital marketing flows through peaks and troughs. Sometimes a constant level of concerted effort is needed to get results, while at other times things may tick over under minimal supervision.

When you have a digital marketing team working in-house, you will have a constant wage bill which may not be enough to cover busy periods and leaves you paying for people to twiddle their thumbs during downturns.

Engaging a digital marketing agency will give you a lot more flexibility with your investment. When you need that extra boost, you can easily increase your hours without the worry of overstretching your team. Or having to tackle the financial and administrative hassle of hiring new staff to cover fluctuating workloads.

Plus, if business takes a dip, you can decrease your billed hours for a time without having to wrestle with redundancies or staffing shuffles.

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You’ll be drawing on a wide range of experience…

Another cost-efficient aspect of working with an agency is that the money you pay won’t simply secure you the skills and knowledge of one person. You will get the expertise of a whole team. 

This means you get access to a whole host of experts who can target every area of your digital marketing strategy with specialised knowledge. Each aspect will be tackled separately by someone with in-depth experience. There will be no weak points.

And this isn’t the only benefit of having a team of people behind you. The combined experience of our own team spans decades, with a raft of employment histories and training backgrounds. 

Here at Boom, we have a number of experts across a diverse range of digital marketing disciplines such as; technical SEO, content marketing, digital design & branding, paid social media advertising, digital PR to name just a few.

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…As well as diverse and up to date industry knowledge

An in-house specialist may favour a particular tool, approach or mindset to your digital marketing. This can lead to tunnel vision and missed opportunities. 

When you hire a digital marketing agency, any ideas and strategies will organically pass by a number of different people who will apply their own thinking to it. 

Like many agencies, we employ a collaborative approach across all the work we do. Getting a variety of viewpoints on projects means that the best approach is always found, rather than the easiest or the most familiar.

As everybody has their own focus, they are also able to stay aware of current developments, trends and new practices in their specialist areas, applying changes and updates where necessary.

Still not sure why you need a digital marketing agency?

Get in touch with us! We’ll be able to discuss what your specific needs are in more detail, how we can help you make the most of the web and all the wonderful things that go on in it.

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