Display Advertising

We can help ensure that limited budgets are used effectively, by targeting spend in the areas which provide the best returns to your business.

Gain brand exposure, connect with your audience and convert more customers with display advertising.

What’s It All About?

Display ads feature on websites across the internet so that you can reach potential customers when they aren’t directly searching for your services.

Unlike paid search you don’t have to rely on just words to convey your message and capture your audience. Display ads can feature images, product catalogues, rich media and more – giving you multiple ways to engage new or returning customers with your brand.

There are multiple display advertising platforms available to help you connect with your target market. Google Display Network may be the most well-known to those who already have some experience with PPC advertising, but they are just one option. By moving past the familiar and trying new platforms, you can reach a wider market, and we have the experience to help.

How Do We Do It?

Successful display advertising reaches the people most likely to become lifelong customers by showing targeted audiences compelling ad creative.

There are multiple ways to build successful audiences depending on your goals and your chosen ad platform:

  • We use cookies to build remarketing lists of users who have visited your website to encourage them to return.
  • We use your customer lists to build audiences of your existing customers.
  • We use display companies’ software to build audiences with similar interests and demographics to those of your most profitable customers.
  • We use data from analytics, competitor research and your own company insights to build audiences whose interests and desires align with your ideal customer.

We continually experiment with new ways of putting together the perfect audience and refining the current lists to find your perfect customer.

Our in-house design team work with you to create the adverts that will promote you in the best possible light. We will work within your brand guidelines to ensure that your ads are not only engaging, but also stay true to your brand vision. We test out multiple ad creatives to find the ads that really strike the right chord with your customers.

We use analytics data and insight from you on the length of your buying cycle to determine the best time to show your ads. As with everything in the world of online advertising, we test out different timings to ensure that your ads remain engaging and fresh in your audience’s eyes.

How Can We Help You?

Whether setting up a new account or improving and optimising an existing one, our staff provide clear, concise guidance without the jargon. Contact us today or give us a call on 0845 474 0947 to find out about the benefits of combining your knowledge of your business with our knowledge of paid search.