Email Marketing List Building

Email marketing is only as effective as the contact list you maintain. It’s vital to grow your list and keep adding fresh, engaged contacts who want to hear from you.

What’s It All About?

If you’re running an online business you need to keep in touch with both customers and prospects. Email is a great way to do that, but first you need their email addresses.

Capturing them is a simple procedure but something that many businesses forget to capitalise on. It’s often a passive process that’s not given much thought. When you focus on email capture, you could super-charge your email marketing results.

How Do We Do It?

We’ll assess your current email capture procedure to see if you’re missing any key touchpoints that might lead to increased subscriber rates. We’ll also optimise your sign up forms and processes, making them easier to complete and reducing dropout. We can help you create content that rewards subscribers for signing up by providing them with valuable resources, so your website visitors just can’t help but hand over their email address!

If that’s not enough, we can look at alternative ways to reach people who match the profile of those already on your list. We have the expertise to utilise all aspects of digital marketing to create an approach that works for you, combining paid media and SEO with incentives like competitions or giveaways to maximise sign-ups.

How Can We Help You?

Effective list growth combines knowledge about all things digital. For maximum results, you’ll need to drive more website traffic and convert it better. Search, Paid Media, CRO, Content marketing and data analysis all play a part. The Boom team have expertise in all these disciplines to get the job done.