Link Acquisition For Content Marketing

Getting featured on some of the world’s biggest websites, along with generating social shares at huge volumes, doesn’t happen by chance...

What is Link Building and Why Does it Matter?


Link acquisition for content marketing is the process of creating and distributing written or visual pieces with the objective of delivering sales, either directly from the content itself or indirectly through improved rankings and visibility within Google.


Despite being used by the majority of the world’s top organisations, the popularity of content marketing for SEO is so high because even the smallest of online businesses can produce amazing results on relatively low budgets. When done correctly, content marketing also has a higher ROI than most, if not all, other forms of advertising on average.

Here’s Some of our Work

Links: 60+

Featured on: Fast Company, Creativebloq, Trendhunter and many more

Links: 150+

Featured on: Huff Post, Yahoo, Inc, Shortlist and many more

Links: 100+

Featured on: Metro, CNET, Wired and many more

Links: 40+

Featured on: MakeUseOf, Visual Capitalist, Equities and many more

Links: 40+

Featured on: Lifehacker, Design Taxi, Fine Dining Lovers and many more

Links: 25+

Featured on: Buzzfeed, Bustle, Sporcle and many more

Links: 40+

Featured on: The Chive, Bright Side, Bored Panda and many more

Links: 35+

Featured on: Bustle, Lifehacker, Food Republic and many more

Our Clients Have Been Featured in:

How Do We Do it?


Whether it’s a traditional infographic, a series of illustrations or a fully interactive piece, we have refined our content creation process to near perfection since Boom was formed in 2010. Here’s how we do it…


It starts with research – specifically, research about your company and about what your target audience is looking for. Our content team use this information to draw up a shortlist of several idea ‘starters’, using a variety of well-honed techniques and bags of previous experience.


Working with our outreach team, our content designers take the idea starters and run them through our content success criteria – this analysis helps to determine our strongest ideas. These ideas are built on, researched further, pitched and then worked into a full brief.


Once your content is built, we determine the best possible outreach strategies for the piece. As the links start rolling in, we determine the success of a piece by continuously analysing its progress and adjusting the strategy as the coverage evolves.

How Can We Help You?

We have a proven track record of getting high traffic, high authority links for your site. Our content success formula means nothing is left to chance and every idea is tailor made to suit your business.

If you’d like to hear more about how we can help your website with link acquisition, please get in touch today.

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