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KOREC Case Study

SEO and Digital PR in a Niche Sector 

Find out how we combined a technical and content SEO strategy to achieve massive visibility and traffic gains.

The Client

KOREC specialise in providing measurement solutions, surveying equipment and mapping systems to the engineering and construction sector in the UK. Partnering with Boom, Korec were looking to increase visibility and traffic to their website, as well as improve their backlink profile and user experience.

The Challenge

A two-phased approach

KOREC Group approached us to originally talk SEO for their existing website. As we always do with any new client we got started with an SEO audit. The team found a few things that needed to be sorted out before we could work on a new strategy.

The issues we found were split into two categories: in the first technical category, we found redirect loops, a weak backlink profile, slow loading speeds and minimal on-page optimisation. The second category was content issues, these were things like duplicated content, a lack of FAQ sections, and a need for more user-centric content to really help establish them in their industry as thought leaders. 


What We Did

The KOREC website was both designed and developed by another company a few years ago, so we were initially limited in what we could do. This didn’t stop us though, as we knew we could make it work harder to improve visibility, traffic and user experience. 

We got to work sorting the technical and content problems that we found during the audit; as always we prioritised the technical SEO fixes. We also worked on some ad hoc development projects, after working on a UX audit, to improve user experience as well as content flow. KOREC were really chuffed with the work we did, which led to us providing their ongoing hosting and technical support! 

Next in our crosshairs was improving the link profile, using content marketing and digital PR! This was really fun for the team as we worked alongside their own PR output to gain more broad-ranging coverage for KOREC. 

You might be asking yourself if that’s all we did, and the answer is no! We also got to work on a content audit, an optimisation plan for a hub, and a bespoke content strategy. Of course, we did this alongside ongoing work so we’d make sure that category and landing content was kept as user and search-engine friendly as we could make it. At the forefront of this was highly targeted keyword research and CRO analysis to reduce bounce rate and to make sure the content was right for the potential customer.

The Results

You know we can talk the talk, but here’s some stats from our KOREC project to show that when it comes to SEO, we can also walk the walk. 

Since January 2022, KOREC has seen a whopping 190% increase in visibility, organic traffic saw a fantastic 19% increase from Q1 of 2022. 

Year on year, KOREC saw a 48% increase in goal completions, a brilliant 38.5% reduction in bounce rates and a 17% increase in brand-new visitors. The website is really starting to work hard for them! 

In short, during the KOREC project, we worked on fixing up their technical and content-related issues, made the content more user-friendly, and came up with an awesome content marketing and digital PR strategy.

And the best part? The client is now seeing more visibility, traffic, and goal completions! We helped create a sturdy foundation for them to build upon and grow as we continue our partnership. 

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  • 190% increase in visibility
  • 22% increase in new users
  • 38.5% reduction in bounce rates

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