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Amica Case Study

Award-Winning Content

Find out how a piece of content about beer helped our client to win big at their group awards.

The Client

Amica International are a kitchen appliance manufacturer with over 70 years’ experience in the industry. Steve, Head of Marketing at the CDA Group, was already familiar with Boom, having worked with us during his time at Appliance City. Following our success there, when he moved over to the prominent brands of CDA and Amica, he was quick to bring Boom on board to help with their SEO.

The Challenge

The challenge in this case was simple: links.

The Amica site needed a piece of creative content that would appeal to a broad audience, and result in quality backlinks. They already had several successful content campaigns under their belt and were hoping that this one would follow suit.

What We Did

After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with a piece that was sure to have near universal appeal: “How Much Beer Does $1 Get You Around the World?

Amica loved the idea and were immediately on board (although figuring out how to move to Vietnam or Paraguay to take advantage of the $1-per-pint beer has been a bit of a challenge – we can’t help them with this one!).

How much beer does $1 get you?

The piece itself was simple – an animated gif cycling through various countries, showing how much beer you can get for $1 relative to a pint glass. We accompanied this with an article, and a graphic which showed the individual countries compared to each other*. This made it very visually appealing and gave prospects a couple of different ways to share the content.

Once the content was live, we implemented digital PR techniques and conducted an outreach campaign around it. As it’s research-based (and beer-based!), we knew this content would have a broad appeal. We therefore targeted travel sites, food and drink sites and general interest sites, as well as national press.

The Results

Well, we certainly succeeded in the initial challenge of getting some great links. The piece was covered by the likes of MSN, Mental Floss and Gigazine, as well as plenty of industry-related sites such as Drinksfeed, Brew Review Crew and American Craft Beer. It was also shared on the social channels of various websites.

How much beer you get for a dollar compared

But it didn’t stop there – thanks to this piece, the CDA Group (a subsidiary of the Amica Group) were shortlisted for “Best Marketing Practice” at Amica’s annual awards ceremony, based in part on this content. And thanks to this, and the CDA Group’s creative use of free tools and social media, they won!

*In case you were wondering? England – way down the list! $1 would only get you 75ml of beer. That’s barely two sips!

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