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Adzooma Case Study

Relevant, quality link acquisition amidst challenging times

How Boom Online achieved successful link acquisition for a niche client during the pandemic

The Client

Making online marketing easy, Adzooma’s digital marketing platform is popular with a whole host of brands. This award-winning technology provider helps businesses with paid advertising campaign management, optimisation, automation and much more. 

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The Challenge

As a marketing platform with a good grounding in SEO, Adzooma already had the basics covered. They were looking to boost their SEO performance through relevant, quality link acquisition.   

We agreed on working to ideate, create and publish a set number of creative content pieces and promote them to gain high-quality, relevant links. Then the pandemic hit. The world changed in ways we’d never expected, and seemingly all news publications and online outlets were talking about was Covid, lockdowns and concerns for people’s health.

Coupling this with a reduced workforce across many industries, link acquisition and digital PR was more challenging than ever. Here’s how we rose to the challenge. 


What We Did

We began generating content ideas, keeping in mind our usual relevance and success criteria whilst keeping a keen eye on which non-pandemic-related topics publications were still covering. 

Content Creation

Whilst we covered a variety of different subjects within our creative content, we made sure we honed in on topics that were very hot in the current press but also had longevity and could potentially continue to build links later down the line. In particular, we focused on AI technology and diversity & inclusion as the main themes. 

Across the allocated 3 content pieces, we took different approaches to gain maximum coverage from different outlets. We covered:

  • Image-based/visual content
  • Informational & advice based infographics
  • Statistical, data-led infographics

PR & Outreach

Once the content was live, we used digital PR techniques to carry out focused and timely outreach. As each of the pieces had longevity, we were able to revisit each one a number of times to get the maximum results for each asset during these challenging times. 

The Results

Across a series of 3 design and data-led content pieces, we generated over 80 high-quality backlinks.

The pieces were covered by a number of high authority and relevant publications, including MarketingProfs, Axios, Thrive Global, Marketing Oops, Design Boom, Input Magazine, Tweak your Biz, Digital Information World and Digital Doughnut.

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  • Create engaging and relevant content
  • Build quality backlinks

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