What Boom Have Been Reading: September 2016 Edition

James Walsh

As the summer ebbs away we turn our focus to marketing plans for Black Friday and the Christmas season. It’s a key time of year for keeping on your toes and staying right on top of the latest digital marketing goings-on. Far from being a quiet month, Google finally decided to announce news of a long awaited Penguin update during September, as well as explaining more about AMP and how they will increase exposure in mobile SERPs in future.

If you’re an avid reader of our useful round-ups, you’re clearly keen to be the best at what you do. During September we announced our Winning At E-Commerce Event to provide useful and actionable advice for Ecommerce business owners. We’ve got speakers from Google, Musclefood and more lined up, so if you haven’t got yours already you can book your tickets here.  We’d love to see you there.

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Google debuts a brand-new look for Merchant Center by Ginny Marvin (@ginnymarvin)

A nice little summary of some of the useful features in the shiny new Merchant Centre.

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Authority & Link Building With Real-Time Penguin by Marcus Miller (@marcusbowlerhat)

Penguin 4.0…it’s here, so what now? This view on what the recent changes actually mean for SEO and link building in the future provides a useful interpretation of how the announcement ties in to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and how we can use this information to steer our ongoing tactics.

23 Mobile UX Mistakes That Google Doesn’t Like by Ben Davis

With predictions that mobile commerce could trump e-commerce any time soon, it’s a great time of year to review your mobile performance. You want everything to be in tip top condition by Black Friday, so take a look at this guide to some common UX mistakes that might hamper your performance in Google SERPs and see if you can address them.

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Methods for Controlling Spacing in Web Typography, by Geoff Graham (@geoffreygraham)

Nice little cheat sheet on the methods available to designers and developers to refine typography on the modern web.

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Google Penguin 4.0 – Real Time Penguin in Google Core, Christoph Cemper. (@cemper)

Google announced this week that Penguin 4.0 is now officially part of their core algorithm. If like me, you’re not entirely sure what that means, here’s an article that helps explain it a bit better than I can.  

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What you didn’t know about recent Quality Score changes by Frederick Vallaeys (@siliconvallaeys)

Insight into the changes to quality score reporting, including thoughts on how recent changes to AdWords generally will affect quality score and a script to help you keep tabs on your account.

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Technical Site Audit Checklist by Geoff Kenyon (@geoffkenyon)

It’s been a while since I last conducted a site audit, but this month I’ve had a couple to do and this is checklist I always find myself coming back to. It’s been updated since the last time I shared it to include some tips on international optimisation and some extra bits on Analytics, too.

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Canonical Link Building by Guiseppe Pastore (@Zen2SEO)

If you’re into the darker side of link building and SEO then this is a really interesting idea and approach. I won’t spoil it, but it’s not one for devout white hat SEOs 😉

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Your Emails, Optimised for Every Screen by Pierce Vollucci / Google Apps Developer Blog (@GoogleAppsDev)

Well blow me down… Media queries are now supported in Gmail! Make no mistake –this will revolutionise email marketing. Almost overnight, Gmail has gone from being one of the most frustrating clients to design for to one of the most promising. This makes me happy!

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15 Tips To Create Killer Website Content by Susan Greene

Writing content can be simple, though writing great content is the tricky part. I found this list super helpful throughout the month when writing content for different websites.

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Information gathering for linkbuilding outreach by Richard Baxter (@richardbaxter)

There have been a bunch of great link building and outreach posts on the builtvisible blog recently – this one has some helpful tools and tactics in it!

How to find a shitload of sites quickly with Google sheets (and Bing) by Anthony Randall (@tonyxrandall)

Oh look Anthony made a blog and he’s filling it with content. Thing is they are all worth checking out. What are you waiting for?

13 Advanced Link Building Strategies You (Probably) Haven’t Used by Glen Allsop (@viperchill)

So there are a couple of cool ideas in here – and a few more. Oh look ABOUT – did you know about that?

Want to slowly kill your content on Google? Simply use a directory structure with dates by Juan Gonzalez (@JuanGonzalez_JP) 

Sistrix have been knocking out some great posts recently – you should go and read them.

I also found some cool Simpsons data viz and some stuff happened with a penguin – or something.

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