What Boom Have Been Reading: September 2014 Edition

September has been a fairly quiet month for us here in the Boom office. Aside from the slow rollout of Panda 4.1 (number 27 in a long line of Panda updates), things have just been ticking along nicely in the office.

Our last Drink Digital meetup was another resounding success (keep up to date with the next event by following our Meetup group), and we’ve kept ourselves amused with pictures of rockstars holding slugs (it’s as good as it sounds, promise!). But that’s not what you’re here for. So here’s what the team have loved this month:

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Psychology of Color: How Color Affects Brand Perception by Elise Gould

This article from Elise Gould talks about how the logo of a major brand is vital to the marketing and advertising strategy. She explains that when designing a logo it is important from brands to consider the colour choice of it based upon humans emotions. She looks at a study done by Jessica Ridgeway, a doctoral student from University of Missouri, in which she surveyed 184 adults on their impressions of several mock companies based upon their logos and the findings showed that colour plays a huge part in how a brands service or product is interpreted by the consumer. You can the results in the article.

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YouTube Reveals the Secret Formula to Content Marketing Success by Greg Jarboe (@gregjarboe)

With traditional online marketing tactics becoming harder for marketers to pin down, the movement into more social techniques is important. There has been a lot of emphasis lately on the use of YouTube, what it means to be successful in YouTube content marketing and how to get there. This article has come great tips and interesting facts about the process.

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What to Ask an SEO Agency Before Working With Them by Tad Chef (@onreact_com)

There’s tons of articles that discuss the same cookie cutter tips for ‘how to choose’ or ‘not choose’ an SEO agency, such as don’t work with a company that promise you the number 1 spot on Google, and make sure to ask for references from existing clients. Tad Chef’s take on the topic is very different, and very valuable; he reminds companies to find out things like who will actually be doing the day-to-day work, and how the bulk of the agency’s income is spent.

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How Duplicate Content is Damaging RBS and Natwest’s SEO by Graham Charlton (@gcharlton)

This is a great example, with real data, of how keyword cannibalisation and duplicate content on a site can severely affect its organic search visibility. If you ever needed an example of why duplicate content or multiple pages that are optimised for the same keywords are a bad idea, this is it.

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Issue 30 // Ready, Set, Build! by Mailchimp (@MailChimp)

MailChimp is a tool that seems to be well-driven in this industry, and from a design point of view it’s a pleasure to interact with. This article looks at the flexible, rational philosophy that goes into MailChimp’s prototyping, design and build process, detailing a workflow which can be adopted beyond web service UX for a really wide range of design and development tasks.

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What Would The UK Flag Look Like Without Scotland? by Quentin Newark (@QuentinNewark) & Kevin Denoual

If Scotland leaves the UK, does it leave the flag? this exploration of possibilities for a new union jack is equal parts exciting and daunting.

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This Marketing Pro Practiced His Facebook Ad Targeting by Making His Roommate Completely Paranoid: A Lesson in Niche Marketing by Garett Sloane (@GarettSloane)

Loved this story of how a marketing pro used one to one advertising to totally freak out his friend, hopefully it’ll make advertisers think carefully about how to approach targeting super niche markets without causing alarm!

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27 Superb Sites with Royalty Free Stock Images for Commercial Sites by Dave Lane (@davelane_)

When writing blog posts, it can become pretty uninspiring using the same images as everyone else. It’s nice to see so many companies trying to fix this problem with innovative photography. This is a really useful resource. As soon as I saw it, it was instantly saved for later!

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Content Marketing World: Articles About the Event by Content Marketing Institute (@CMIcontent)

If you missed out on the annual Content Marketing World conference this year (hosted in Cleveland, Ohio) then fret not. The host, Content Marketing Institute, has got you covered with this listly page that’s packed with articles written off the back of the conference. Over 2600 delegates attended the conference, so you can imagine how many round-up posts have been written. Bookmark this and drop in whenever you have a spare few minutes. I always find it interesting to see how different people interpret the same presentation or set of ideas.

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Here’s When 6 Major Retailers Typically Change Their Prices by Hayley Peterson (@hcpeterson)

A lot, from the looks of it!

Are All The Ants as Heavy as All The Humans? by Hannah Moore

Quite simply, no.

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Friday Likes Centennial Celebration by Brand New (@ucllc)

To commemorate 100 editions of ‘Friday Likes’, Brand New have posted every single project to one page – from the supremely inspirational to the downright bizarre, they’re here in all their glory. Enjoy!

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How Callout Extensions Helped Increase CTR by 221% by Cassie Oumedian (@cass_oumedian)

Here comes another ad extension to give us another slice of the page. These sitelinks-that-aren’t allow you to add compelling text without needing a specific landing page. Having limited characters to play with is an ongoing bother in PPC, so if quick benefits in the call out extensions give us positive results, we may then use then use the surplus description text to add unique product or service information that just didn’t quite make the cut! Get clued up when using them for mobile ads – Google may hide description line two in favour of your shiny new callouts.

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So Panda rolled out again, Google may (or may not or did or didn’t or FUD or whatever) have done a u turn on the whole https as a ranking signal thing.

If you want a couple of things to read that you may have missed may I humbly suggest:

Ross Hudgens on the 10 outreach best practices that separate success from failure.

Mr Hathaway looking at how to outreach influencers directly with Twitter custom audiences.

Trung Ngo on how to kick the habit of reporting like a link builder

In not-so-serious news I have been enjoying the insightful posts on wtfseo.com. Check out their social media gurus of the year or the future of SEO from the definitive top 13 experts.

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