What Boom Have Been Reading: October Edition

In October there were suggestions of a Google Algorithm Update, research into mobile ranking factors was released and Google opened up remarketing lists to PLAs and local inventory ads. This month’s round up brings you some up to date link building tactics, top PPC hacks, emotional marketing and lots, lots more.

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The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting (or, Every Copywriting Formula Ever) by Joanna Wiebe (@copyhackers)

A compilation of “every single copywriting formula ever seen”. The result is a genuine, ultimate guide to formula-based copywriting – the only problem you’ll have is choosing which formula to use.

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Screaming Frog Guide To Doing Almost Anything: 55+ Ways Of Looking At A Tool by Alum

I’m new to using Screaming Frog but I found this guide really useful for getting started. It’s clear and easy to understand and has helped me get to grips with the Screaming Frog Tool.

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Why We See Patterns Everywhere by Jess Whittlestone

If you see patterns in your data which seem hard to explain, it just could be because you’re a human, and humans are rubbish at knowing what randomness looks like.

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How Social Signals Really Affect Your Search Rankings by Jayson DeMers (@jaysondemers)

It’s useful to review correlations between social media factors and search rankings to see just how much of an interrelation there really is. Find out how to focus your efforts and why quality is more important than quantity.

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Deprecating Our AJAX Crawling Scheme by Google Webmaster Central

Having announced some time ago that they would be doing so, Google are now deprecating their support for AJAX-specific crawling. Essentially, if you have an AJAX-driven site, you no longer need to use the “hashbang” and “_escaped_fragment_” method of serving AJAX pages to Googlebot.

If you’re wondering what that’s all about, just look at pretty much any site built with Wix.com, which uses the method Google is deprecating (nothing to be worried about if you have such a site – Google will continue to crawl it using the old method). You’ll note that on such sites, URLs have a “/#!aboutus” format. In the source code of these pages, you’ll see Wix actually makes reference to using _escaped_fragment_ in URLs for SEO, meaning Google is served that URL as “/?_escaped_fragment_=aboutus”

The key to all this is not to block Googlebot from accessing your CSS and Javascript files, also important for mobile-friendly compliance. Many sites have historically blocked these files in their robots.txt file – check yours doesn’t!

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Love It or Hate It, Candy Corn Rules the Trick-or-Treat Bag: The Story Behind the Century-Old Waxy Treat That Frightens Half of America

A great breakdown of the branding behind an iconic piece of american halloween candy (sweeties for us limeys). I’d love to see something similar for some UK classics.

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3 Highly Effective Link Building Tactics For 2015 and Beyond by John Jantsch (@ducttape)

Link building remains a key part of SEO and ensuring your pages rank well. Here are three ways that you can still effectively link build today and beyond.

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Top 10 PPC Marketing Hacks of All Time by Larry Kim (@larrykim)

Larry Kim delivered this presentation back in February (in my defence, I was on maternity leave then) but the ideas and insights he shares are still good to know now. It’s got tips that will help boost SEO and content marketing efforts as well as PPC too.

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Emotion Marketing 101 – Harnessing Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions by Matt Clough

In this article, my buddy Matt Clough looks at how emotion is an underrated key player in the world of statistic and data-driven marketing.
The post breaks down Plutchik’s eight key emotions and then suggests actionable ways in which you can use them in your marketing strategies. By taking advantage of peoples emotions, you’re able to increase the vanity metrics that we so often prioritise in our online campaigns.

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What Your Ecommerce Store Colors Says About You by Paul Andrew (@speckyboy)

A great little article on how and why using certain colours can make your site more effective depending on your business type. With some top examples and ‘best practice’ guides – you’ll want to put these into practice come your next rebrand.

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Bing Ads Remarketing Now Available For Search And Shopping Campaigns by Ginny Marvin (@ginnymarvin)

Very happy to see that Bing are catching up with Google and introducing both shopping and remarketing campaigns recently and just in time for the Christmas traffic, I’ll be interested to compare the differences between traffic, conversions and CPC over the next few months as I add both shopping and remarketing campaigns to my client’s accounts.

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Making Strategic Decisions About Difficult-To-Get Backlinks by Paul Shapiro (@fighto)

Paul is a massive geek – he wouldn’t mind me saying that. He puts together presentations like this:

He also likes abandoned theme parks and writes posts like this:  Using Facial Recognition Technology to Segment Your Email List

This post about strategic decisions resonated with me this month. Sure it isn’t perfect but it is a very smart application of a few simple ideas that can cut down how much time you spend researching sites for a link building campaign.  Smarts + time saving + some real work after = win.

Twitter: Removing Share Counts to Increase Share Price? By Patrick Hathaway (@hathawayP)

I have featured a few of Patricks things on the blog over the years. Mainly cos he pays me in beer.  He recently let his rant slip on the URL profiler blog with this post following the announcement form Twitter that they are going to be removing share counts.  A considered summary and (most likely) correct.

Want To Learn, Remember, And Create Better? Science Says Dick Around A Bit More by Jennifer Miller (@propjen)

Hmm – anything backed by science that tells me to be lazy to get more creative…well I’m going to listen.

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