What Boom Have Been Reading: October 2014 Edition

So October’s round-up comes a little later than normal this month, mainly because it’s taken us this long to recover from the sweet-induced coma brought on by the crate of goodies we currently have on the office sharing table.

Despite the sugar highs, and lows, we’ve still been busy gathering together our favourite reads from across the web for your enjoyment:

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How to Transform your Brand in to a Story by Kaitlyn Borysiewicz (@kaitlynbo_14)

This article by Kaitlyn Borysiewicz, talks about how brands need to become a story to get themselves a memorable connection between the brand and its customers. So then gives some examples of other brands using storytelling to promote themselves and gives some helpful hints on how a brand can go about making themselves into a story.

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What This 15-Year Old Scary Movie Teaches you About Content Marketing by John Rooney (@sc00ned)

It’s Halloween so I had to include something a bit creepy! I really love it when marketing campaigns, particularly for movies, are a bit out there. I remember the hype about the Blair Witch Project and I wish it was possible for such campaigns like this to work nowadays. This article highlights some interesting points from The Blair Witch Project that we can use in content marketing today.

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How to Write a Darn Good Sentence by Lindsay Kolowich (@lkolo25)

Excellent slideshow that will make you think twice (or three, or four) times about the sentences you write. Well worth your time whether you write copy occasionally, or everyday.

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Email Design Guide by MailChimp (@MailChimp)

A lean, informative guide to email design, which everyone organising and sending out email campaigns really ought to take a look at. It inherently doubles as a basic universal guide to visual design.

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Diet Coke Prints 2 Million Unique Labels in Stroke of Packaging Genius by Tim Nudd (@nudd)

Coke continues to impress with it’s labelling. It’s always good fun to see big brands using their clout to bring an appreciation of design and art into the product they actually put on shelves. As the article mentions, it reminds me of Absolut doing something similar – except you wont see someone swigging fancy Vodka bottles in the street.

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Five Lessons for Effective Blogger Outreach by Steve Richards (@Chips11)

A concise article from Steve Richards which covers five areas that should never be neglected when you’re conducting outreach. A nice, short, refresher for when you feel like you’re losing your way when it comes to outreach.

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What if Dracula was a Brand? by Khendi Lee (@MisterCandy)

Although strictly tongue-in-cheek, this re-imagining of Dracula is a remarkably fascinating and well-considered project (as well as a bit of fun).

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11 Kick-Ass Calls to Action Examples and Why They Work by Dan Shewan (@danshewan)

If you’re struggling for a call to action, think outside the box! I think I’d reserve ‘be awesome’ for an advert for super hero costumes or the local blood donor centre, though. If you’re feeling cautious, using more colloquial language like ‘grab’ instead of ‘buy’ might just surprise you.

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So after quite some time Google let it slip that the next Penguin update was imminent, that came (and went) (and came again) and there was some confusion on whether it was an update or a refresh (more information on the difference here). Turns out that it wasn’t quite what a lot of people had hoped for. There were some good follow-up posts about it all and the usual mush about how to recover before it had finished rolling out (links redacted ;))

Some posts that caught my eye and were shared around the team at Boom included:

How Mission Marketing Can Improve Your SEO – from Bill Sebald. This post is a great read and looks at how some sites and companies build content and SEO around their mission rather than keywords and shows examples of this out in the wild.

How I Came To Love Entities – from Bill Slawski. Okay so I have a bit of an obsession with SEO people called Bill. This post is one of series in which Bill has promised not to just cover patents in his blog posts. This deceptively simple post shows how Bill first got into entities and gives the actual example that pushed him down this path.

More than Keywords: 7 Concepts of Advanced On-Page SEO – by (Billy Ray) Cyrus Shepard. The best post to have appeared on the Moz blog in a little while Cyrus covers some advanced tactics for improving the search visibility of your pages. Cyrus covers complicated topics in a quick and easy to understand manner and chucks in some useful images to boot.

In-Depth Guide To Creating Personas & Why They Help Produce Better Content – from Shelli Walsh. Shelli has on fire recently with the highly recommended What Is Creativity book and a great re-design of Julie Joyces site. This post does exactly what it says on the tin and comes highly recommended.Oh, in fun news, digital agency Aptitude made these ‘bigger picture’ album covers.

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