What Boom Have Been Reading: October 2013 Edition

Happy Halloween! Thanks for taking the time to drop by the Boom blog this hallows eve to see what the team have gotten their collective fangs and claws into this month.

In October we welcomed Justine and Rebecca to the team; Katie, Alison and Amy F attended MeasureFest (if you didn’t get a chance to go, check out Katie’s round-up for all the CRO goodness and insider tips), and Alison made her way to London for the annual SearchLove conference! In between all of this, we’ve made time to sit down and read some interesting articles. So you don’t have to hunt them out for yourselves, here’s a round-up of our favourite reads from this month. Let’s get started, shall we?


From Alex:

Kingfisher’s KFBeerlympics Campaign Delivers Sales, Engagement and Promotion for the Brand by Apeksha Harihar (@apekshaharihar)

An excellent article all about the beer brand Kingfisher use of social media and how with the right use of devices such as hashtags, you can invite a whole country like India into a beer chugging contest. Also I like beer = great article.

From Alison:

Amplification: Content Marketing’s Missing Piece A Guest Post by Joel Klettke (@JoelKlettke)

I absolutely love this guest post from Joel on the iAcquire blog which puts paid to the idea that if you build it (awesome content), they will come (awesome links). He goes straight for the jugular to tell you that your content is not a unique snowflake just waiting to be marveled at by the blogging community, it’s a drop of water in a sea of other ideas – some of which may be just as good or even better than yours. Klettke advocates a more goal driven amplification process which guides the creation of content and builds relationships long before the piece is published to maximise results. I’d recommend this post as a must read for anyone in the content industry, it’s a fantastic strategy and a helpful reality check!

From Amy Elliott:

Google Hummingbird: Are You Still Playing Russian Roulette with Google? by Demian Farnworth (@demianfarnworth)

I recently had a conversation with a friend (who doesn’t work or study in anything internet related) about the way that Google works in both paid and organic search. Needless to say she was quite in awe of the process behind it all and so this article stood out to me. A good read!

From Amy Fowler:

You Can Increase Your Intelligence: 5 Ways to Maximise your Cognitive Potential by Andrea Kuszewski (@AndreaKuszewski)

An excellent, in-depth look at how to increase our intelligence by Andrea Kuszewski, a behavioural therapist for children on the autistic spectrum, who has successfully used therapy to drastically increase the IQ of many of the children she’s worked with.

Amongst other things, Andrea explains why brain training games don’t work (once we know how to play a game, it becomes a learned habit and we use less brain power to play it), and how we need to ‘do things the hard way’ to exercise our brain and keep it ‘in shape’.

From Gozde:

Copywriting Essentials from A – Z by Ali Luke

A great resource to refer back to from time to time, especially if you’re suffering from writers block. If you’re interested in the essentials of copywriting then check it out!

From Ian:

Mega-SERP: A Visual Guide to Google by Dr. Peter J. Meyers (@dr_pete)

Dr Pete’s Frankenstein of a Google search results page seems quite apt at this time of year! There are a couple of elements I haven’t seen in the wild yet, notably the local carousel and the images in AdWords ads. It’s a useful demo of how search results could/will look in the very near future here in the UK, which might get you mind whirring about how it might benefit (or harm!) your business.

From Justine:

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz (@Moz)

A lot of great info here, and the pictures really help to keep it interesting.

From Katie:

Zombie Outbreak Hits Hootsuite, Zendesk by Jordan Behan (@jordanbehan)

What happens when two social media software providers have a content off? A zombie apocalypse, that’s what! Not only are the videos fun and informative, but the whole concept shows how to tackle seasonal campaigns the right way.

From Lauren:

Motivating the Masses: Inspiring Your Team to Build a Better Blog by Monique Pouget (@moniquethegeek)

Monique’s PubCon recap really caught my attention this month. Her blog includes the brilliant slides from her presentation, and she’s included the full quotes from the superstars she asked for tips. Each person offers some really great advice on how they motivation their team and keep their blog rolling. I definitely think I’ll be adopting some of the moves mentioned by the various contributors moving forwards! A must-read if you’re managing your companies blog or are involved in content creation in any way.

From Rebecca:

Follow Links Vs. No Follow Links: Should You Care? by Megan Marrs (@marrsipan)

When reading various SEO guides, I kept seeing mentions of follow and no follow links, but not quite understanding them. This article did a great job of explaining what they are and why they are important in SEO.

From Wayne:

The Marketer’s Guide to Organisation and Productivity with Evernote by Matt Gratt (@mattgratt)

I like Evernote. I like being productive. I like content. I like swipe files…I like Matt Gratt and Buzzstream.

Because it’s Halloween, I also want to include this wicked scary 404 page from Business Casual Copywriting in the mix! Click the link if you dare, and help put this dead page to rest for good! (Please note: Boom will not be held responsible for any cravings for brains, or other unsavoury items, after you click the link)

If you’re still with us, that’s it for the Boom round-up this month! If you’ve read anything you want the team to check out, make sure you let us know in the comments below!

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