What Boom Have Been Reading: November 2015 Edition

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been and gone and some of the top retailers have already reported record breaking sales. There has been an awful lot going on in the world of digital marketing so sit back, relax and enjoy these top picks from the Boom Team.

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Google Keyword Planner’s Dirty Secrets by Russ Jones (@rjonesx)

It’s pretty common knowledge that keyword planner’s data isn’t 100% accurate. This looks into the extent of the inaccuracy and explains how the search volumes provided are decided.


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How To Use The New Customer Match Feature For RLSA by Jacob Brown (@jakebrownppc)

We’ve had promising results with Google’s new Customer Match remarketing feature – this article has some good ideas about how to use it.


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Calculated Metrics in Google Analytics

Not a blog post really, but Google’s launch of the Calculated Metrics beta for Universal Analytics is very interesting. Assuming you’re using the latest version of GA, it means that you can do some very useful calculations to create metrics utilising the standard data gathered by GA. The examples given include converting currencies (e.g. multiply revenue in pounds by 1.27 to get the equivalent in Euros) or revenue per user (divide the revenue figure by the number of users).
This will be a very handy tool for some, taking the manual effort out of calculating certain metrics in spreadsheets etc. that can now be done directly within Analytics. I know a lot of our clients will find a calculation showing profit or cost of sale based on their average margin very handy.

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Award Winning Christmas Design by D&AD

With Christmas round the corner, it’s a great time to look at the unique challenges that seasonal events pose to designers. D&AD have a round up of some of the best christmas design that’s come through their awards.

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How To Use Instagram For Business: A Beginner’s Guide by Evan LePage

I’ve noticed a lot more sponsored content appearing on my Instagram feed recently and I’ve started to interact with companies a lot more. So I thought I’d read up on some Instagram advice for businesses and see how we can use this for our clients.

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Holiday Advertising Insights by Bing Ads (@BingAds)

If your clients/PPC accounts are in any way affected by that little holiday that’s coming up later on this month you’d do well to check out the stats that Bing is dishing up to help improve your performance. Knowledge is power and all that jazz…

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Mobile Search & SEO: The Digital Marketer’s Guide by Built Visible

This is the go-to guide for mobile SEO. I don’t really have any other way of describing it – I think that’s complimentary enough. Great work from the Built Visible team.

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Evaluating Ideas by Eileen Webb (@webmeadow)

Ideas are great; they create hope, excitement and a sense of achievement… that is until somebody points out it’s flawed. Often a “great idea” does’t consider end-users or the limitations of a budget; often it’s just a plain ol’ bad idea.

This articles suggests the old-fashioned Venn diagram as a solution, where the client’s needs are overlapped with those of the end-user’s. Additional constraints can be applied to help filter out the achievable ideas – it’s not fool proof, but it gives ideas the best possible start in life. Give it a try!

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Google Releases New Tools In Time For the Holiday Season by Alaina Thompson (@AlainaPThompson)

There were so many articles to choose from this month, the most especially regarding the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotional events in November. However two articles in particular caught my eye one was about Google’s New Shopping Tools – the shiny new product group tab and the other was about new Google metrics click share. Both articles explained how to optimise and review your Google shopping campaigns in more detail with these new tools and metrics, which will definitely be helpful in the future

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The more people shout that SEO is dead the more I sigh. I sigh a lot.

They mean crappy SEO is dead. SEO is alive and more important than ever.

Technical SEO can and does make a massive difference. All the content is the world means nothing if your technical SEO isn’t up to scratch or nobody in your business or set of contractors knows how canonicals work.

Here are a few technical posts that you should check out form the last few weeks. Be the person that knows about this stuff – you will find yourself indispensable.

Optimising Website URLs for SEO and Usability by Barry Adams (@badams)

Technical SEO 2015: Wiring Websites for Organic Search by Tom Bennet (@tomcbennet)

Then have a look at these slideshares:

Maximising Ecommerce SEO

Content Cannibalisation

See. Told you it was important.

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