What Boom Have Been Reading: November 2013 Edition

November has been another busy month for Boom (no surprise there). We’ve welcomed James, our new Lead Digital Designer, to the family, we celebrated Alex passing his probation with lots of sweets, and today (29th November 2013) we’re moving office!

That’s right, we’re on the move! With the team growing so quickly (in numbers, not waist size – we haven’t been eating that much cake) we’re moving to a bigger premises. Sadly, this means that our communications will be down today so please don’t try calling us and bear in mind that if you email us, you may not get the normal prompt response. Our new address is:

164A Derby Road, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 7AY

So if you fancy sending us sweets or pizza to fuel us throughout moving day, that’s where you need to send it! Our phone number will be staying the same, and we should be back at full steam on Monday 2nd December. We just want to thank you in advance for your patience during this transition, and we’ll post some pictures of the new office once we’ve all settled in.

In the meantime, why not put your feet up and have a cup of tea/coffee whilst reading the team’s favourite blogs and articles from the month of November…

From Alex:

35 Famous Fictional Characters to Spice Up Your Marketing by Sasha Zinevych (@nezabyvaemo)

This is a great article because it demonstrates the power that brands and images have in marketing. You start a whole brand by creating a character and then use that to build instant recognition and this article gives 35 famous fictional characters that have managed to do just that. What do Angry birds and Stewie Griffin have in common….well quite a lot actually!

From Alison:

101 Lessons from Five Years of SEO by Brian Dean (@Backlinko)

My choice this month is a superb guest post from Brian Dean as part of Hitreach’s Blogvember challenge.  There are so many lessons to be learnt here, all presented in bitesized chunks with great examples and insights from Brian’s extensive experience. Buckets of common sense and concise practical tips, if you didn’t catch this post when it came out be sure to check it out NOW!

From Amy Elliott:

5 Ways Twitter Chats Can Help Your Business by Kristi Hines (@kikolani)

I really love it when brands interact with customers; not just on a business level but a personal level too. I love conversations like this, it really helps to make the brand more human and more easy for customers to connect with. This is a nice blog post that talks about what we can gain from engaging in Twitter conversations.

From Amy Fowler:

The Google Earthquake – How to Survive the Future of Search and Online Marketing by Cyrus Shepard (@CyrusShepard)

This Slideshow neatly summarises how Google has changed/is changing, why these changes aren’t necessarily a disaster for marketers, and how marketers need to change their  strategy and way of thinking to succeed today. There’s not much in the way of groundbreaking revelations, but the data and information is well presented, and there’s some great examples to back things up.

From Gozde:

26 Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook by Debbie Hemley (@dhemley)

This post was a great read as it shares some very useful ways to improve engagement with your fans on Facebook.

From Ian:

Matt Cutts: Use the Link Disavow Tool Even if Your Site Hasn’t Been Penalized by Jennifer Slegg (@jenstar)

Matt Cutts makes clear that it’s OK to use a disavow file to tell Google to ignore bad links to your site, regardless of whether you’ve had a warning in Webmaster Tools. This is a slightly different message from the previous stance, which centred on using the disavow tool only if you had a warning. Seems like disavow works regardless, making it far more handy…

Ian’s been busy reading loads this month so has some bonus PPC-related articles he wanted to share with you all:

Google Adds Big Change To Display Bidding: Pay By Viewable Impression In AdWords by Ginny Marvin (@ginnymarvin)

Using Google Display Network in AdWords? You might want to try this alternative form of bidding as it may work out cheaper, particularly if you have reasonably high CTRs.

Now “Undo” Google AdWords Changes From Change History Reports also by Ginny Marvin

Another AdWords one: You now have an Undo function in the Change History. Might just save you if you clicked something you didn’t mean to!

From James:

All the Buildings by Roman Mars (@romanmars)

99 percent invisible has to be one of the best podcasts you can ever listen to. Roman Mars and co do a delectable job of opening your eyes to the invisible design of the world around you, the more episodes you listen to – the more you begin to absorb the idea that everything is design: if it exists in our man-made world, it exists because at some point somebody thought; “what if…”

This particular episode about one man’s crazy attempts to draw all the buildings in New York really shows the beauty that lies in the mundane things we bypass daily.

From Justine:

Common Ways Advertisers Ruin Their Consumer Relationships by Ash Nashed

Its a good reminder on why its important to keep the consumer first and how focusing solely on SEO could be the worst thing you could do…

From Katie:

How To Automate Mobile Bid Multipliers – And Other New AdWords Tricks by Frederick Vallaeys (@siliconvallaeys)

AdWords introduced scripts to help account managers run their accounts more efficiently last year. Here’s some great tips on how to use scripts for awesome automation to free up your time to focus on strategy.

From Lauren:

The Secrets of A Memorable Infographic by Eric Jaffe

My pick of the month for November comes from the Fast Co. It’s got some really interesting statistics in it about what makes an infographic memorable from colour to icons and even the shape of the lines you use.

From Rebecca:

Use These 9 Tips To Get Busy People To Read Your Emails by Gregory Ciotti (@GregoryCiotti)

This article has some great points to help craft a good outreach email (or any email in general). The tips about personalising an email and creating a subject line that would entice the recipient into reading were especially helpful.

From Wayne:

T-Rex Trying (@TRexTrying)

So, this has nothing to do with SEO, nor does it have anything to do with funnels or data, link equity or 302’s.

My bestest thing from all of November wasn’t even a post, it’s a site. Also it’s about a dinosaur with little hands and short arms who is sad because he can’t do things. I have standard size hands and regular length arms and sometimes I can’t do things and get sad. I relate to the big sad dinosaur.


If you really need some stuff about online marketing I suggest you check out this post by Joel Klettke or maybe read this interview with Nick Eubanks. If you want some cool things to say to the kids you might want to check out Jacob King’sAMA on Reddit. Oh yeah, the king of beards wrote a great piece about non techies that you should check out.

So, those are our favourites for the month, is there anything that you’ve read that you’d like to share with us?

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