What Boom Have Been Reading: May 2016 Edition

This month we’ve been keeping on top of Google’s latest changes, learning from interesting sessions at Brighton SEO, reading some useful lessons in design and making the most of helpful tools. Get your digital marketing fix and stay on top of the latest news with our handy round up.

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Super Quick Content Gap Analysis by Mark Porter (@markcporter)

I’ve just been given some new clients and whilst doing keyword research for some fairly niche areas and hitting a bit of a brick wall, being introduced to this approach not only helped in the short term, but is another skill I can use to benefit future clients.

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Google’s Recent SERP Changes and Tests: Everything You Need To Know by Rebecca Sentance

A useful round up of recent Google changes, including longer title tags, wider featured snippets, changes on mobile and what this means for today’s SEOs. If you want a quick read to keep you up to date, take a look.

MAC and Star Trek Set to Explore Strange New Worlds Together by Paul Hiebert (@hiebertpaul)

This interesting look in to brand partnerships looks at why mismatches might pay off from time to time.

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6 Takeaways From Google’s Performance Summit by Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro)

Some big changes coming in the world of AdWords, not least the expansion of ad copy from a total of 95 characters to 140. Advertisers will also no doubt be pleased to get back the option of modifying bids on tablets, which got lumped in with desktop bids some time ago.
Other new stuff includes Similar Audiences for Search and Demographics for Search Ads (modify your bids based on demographics), more local ad options (i.e. on Google Maps), responsive ads for the display network and the ongoing rollout of the new interface that resembles the AdWords app.

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So, this one is full of F-bombs which might make it a little NSFW, but it’s a great throw back to how the web once was and a bit of a love note to the creativity that helped form a lot of the techniques and styles that still persist on the the modern web today.

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21 Actionable SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now (Updated) by Brian Dean

Brian Dean was one of the first SEOs I ever came across, so I often keep tabs on what he’s up to and find his posts really useful.
This post (it’s a bit of a long one) is an updated article that he’s published before which has tonnes of great tips that you can get to work on straight away. I found number 9 particularly interesting and will be testing that out in the near future!

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4 Post-Conversion Autoresponder Tactics to Keep Your Leads Alive by Aaron Orendorff (@iconiContent)

Want to make the most of all the email addresses you’ve collected from your website? Of course you do, and Aaron has some great ideas to help you do that – with real world examples of how well these can work, backed up by data #winning.

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E-Commerce SEO: 8 Tips for Product Page Optimisation by Richard Baxter (@richardbaxter)

An underrated and underused tactic in e-commerce SEO is product page optimisation; a lot of people and businesses neglect it because there are often just so many pages to deal with. This is an excellent guide for helping people to make the most of their product pages in search engines.

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The Race For The White House (Logo) by Hello Monday (@hellomondaycom)

The fascinating story of how a creative agency nearly designed the new White House logo, or did they? Includes intrigue, conspiracy, photoshop errors and more. Like a Dan Brown story for graphic designers.

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How canonical tags helped Waterstones solve a product ranking nightmare by Ben Davis (@herrhuld)

Jon from Pi Datametrics gave a session about this at BrightonSEO – which is well worth a watch as well. Good to show people as an example of how Google struggles if you don’t send it the right signals.

The Testing Area

The resurgence of the technical SEO and SEO testing continues:

Split Testing Titles and H1s: Do They Still have an SEO Impact? By Tim Allen (@the_timallen)

Long Term Test: New Evidence – Does Google Count Keywords in A Url? By Shaun Anderson (@Hobo_Web)

See also:  New Evidence: Does Google Count Anchor Text In Internal Links? Part 1

De-index Pages Blocked in Robots.txt by  Oliver H G Mason (@ohgm)

Oh and if you want the latest email finding tool check out Email Hunter

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