What Boom Have Been Reading This Month: May 2014 Edition

Blimey. May (also known as cake month as the majority of the Boom celebrated their birthday’s this month!) has absolutely flown by. From welcoming Martin, our new PPC Account Manager (welcome post to come shortly) to some seriously cool projects, we’ve been as busy as ever. We know you’ve been busy to, so the team have all sent me their favourite read (or reads) of this month so you don’t have to go hunting for great articles.

So without further ado, here our our favourite reads from May:

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Instagram Will Be The Most Powerful Social Media Platform In The World by Michael Brito (@BritoNYC)

In this article Michael Brito talks about how Instagram is already a powerful social media tool and how it will eventually become the most powerful in the world due to the importance of visual content. He talks about the fact that visual content plays a huge role in retaining information, with around 30% we see, we can remember 2 weeks later, whilst its far less for others. He finishes by showing a video of Scott Galloway talking about Instagram’s growth trajectory and engagement rate compared to other platforms.

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One Trick Ponies Get Shot and Other Stories: Digital Marketing Strategy Done Right by Ian Lurie (@portentint)

My favourite post of the month is without a doubt this mammoth guide to digital strategy by the very smart Ian Lurie of Portent. It’s an incredibly thorough look at approaching the marketing of a new client and the essential research required to form a solid strategy. I genuinely can’t recommend this post enough, it’s a long read but worth every second – check it out NOW!

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing by Yael Grauer (@yaelwrites)

The 7 Deadly Sins applied to content marketing. Some very valid points that are good to keep in mind and refer back to. It can be quite easy, if you’re having a bad day/week/month, to resort to some of these; even if you know you shouldn’t! Here’s why with examples.

7 Content Marketing Pick Up Lines, Ryan Gosling Style by Joe Lazauskas (@JoeLazauskas)

And I thought this deserved a mention, too


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The SEO Expert Quiz by Moz (@Moz)

50 SEO questions of varying difficulty; great for making yourself feel clever and/or helping you figure out what you need to learn more about. If you do want to learn more, when you’re done, each question has a handy link to where you can learn about the correct answers.

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RDSA: A Powerful New Google AdWords Campaign by Matthew Umbro (@Matt_Umbro)

Not technically a “new” campaign type – but a new approach to Dynamic Search Ads that may make this technique worth testing for more advertisers. Also if you’re fed up of repeating “correlation does not equal causation” ad nauseam, you’ll probably appreciate Spurious Correlations. Enjoy!

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How Music Affects Your Productivity by Gregory Ciotti (@GregoryCiotti)

One of my favourite articles of the month comes from Gregory Ciotti. Renowned for his insights in to human behaviour, productivity, habits, and creative work, in this article, he talks about music and its affect on our productivity. Here at Boom, we operate in an open plan office, and when faced with a task that I need to concentrate on, or is particularly cumbersome, I have a habit of plugging my headphones in and just cracking on. I’ve read a tonne of material on listening to music and its effects on productivity (apparently, music with lyrics is a no for creative tasks) but the opinions have always been mixed. I like Gregory’s article as it covers music for different tasks and even offers examples! (Try the SimCity soundtrack for yourself… it actually works wonders!)

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes of Blogger Outreach by Henry Elliss (@henweb)

This article has some great advice on how not to do outreach and includes some cringe worthy examples of terrible emails that the author has received. This article is especially good because it’s written by someone who works in marketing and also has a blog, so he really understands both sides.

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Breaking News:

Some things happened in our industry last month. Some people wrote about them. Things will be happening next week and the week after that. People will write about that as well.

In Other News:

The wonderful guys at Zapier put together one of the best post about Chrome extensions that I have ever laid my eyes upon. Danny Schrieber did a cracking job and there are a few in there that I have never checked. I suggest you go and read it.

A couple  of days ago Mike King published this post on Copyblogger, if you have read his persona posts before you are in for a real treat – check out what he links to from the article as well, there are a couple of gems in there.

Contrary to popular belief link building still is not dead and there are plenty of opportunities for you to jump on – it ain’t all about the content! Paddy Moogan gets his write on with this posts that outlines ways to promote your client without content – let’s see you trying to scale and spam events naughty SEO people 😉

Leave it to Peter Da Vanzo to tell it like it is – Please Remove My Link. Or Else.

If you use trello for any of your projects I came across this list of posts – yeah I know it’s called Using Trello Like a Boss – get past that and you are on to a winner.

The esteemed Dan Barker pointed me towards this the other week. It isn’t that pretty (but could be) and if you need to know the distribution of colours in movie posters between 1914 and 2012 then this is your go to resource.

Did you know that David Lynch was offered the job of directing Return of the Jedi? Here is what it may have ended up like.

In News That People In Our Industry Do Have A Life Out Of SEO:

Did you know that Sean Revell made some music?

It is quite good, you should check it out. Here is some:

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Is there anything that you’ve read that you think we should check out? We’d love to hear from you!

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