What Boom Have Been Reading: May 2013 Edition

We love sharing at Boom (most of the time. When there’s one slice of cake left it’s every Boomer for themselves!) so we’ve decided to put together a monthly round up of things that we’ve been reading that we want to share with you.

Whether it’s funny, serious, informative or important, if we’ve read and loved it it’ll be here. However as our team continues to grow we’ve decided to pick just one post that we’ve read in May (it doesn’t matter if it was published this month or a few years ago) and explain why you should read it too! Enjoy…

From Ian:

The Customer Journey to Online Purchase – a Google report

I think this is both a great visualisation of what “assisted” and “last interaction” conversions actually mean, and shows some real insight into the different contributions marketing channels and time make to conversions in different markets. Take a look at the difference between the total amount of revenue from purchases that take more than one day in Japan vs. France and Germany!

From Rob:

Google’s Impressive “Conversational Search” goes Live on Chrome by Danny Sullivan (https://twitter.com/dannysullivan)

One of the most exciting things I have read this month is Danny Sullivans piece on conversational search. If this takes off it could be big and could potentially change the way people optimise sites/pages. Google doesn’t want people to keep returning to the serps to continue the search, therefore if there is not a card, pages will need to rank for topics containing a whole array of information on a topic rather than just one query.

From Ben:

How Search Works on Google Glass by Matt McGee (https://twitter.com/mattmcgee)

I’m really excited by the idea of Google Glass and can’t wait to try it myself. Although, I imagine I’m not the only person who has spent time wondering how searching will work on the device. After all, it’s a Google product. This article shows how it’s working so far on the super limited explorer models.

From Gozde:

Breaking Out of the SEO Echo Chamber by Hannah Smith (https://twitter.com/hannah_bo_banna)

I think it’s awesome because its full of refreshing resources.

From Alison:

The Anatomy of a Perfect Web Page by Chris Gilchrist (https://twitter.com/hitreach)

A fantastically in-depth guide to perfecting your on page elements with lots of excellent recommendations for further reading.

From Amy E:

7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid in Google Webmaster Tools Console by Vasilis Vryniotis (https://twitter.com/bbriniotis)

A great, informative read with some very helpful tips for Webmaster Tools users. Definitely worth a read!

From Amy F: 

Musings on the Bottom Half of the Internet by Hannah Smith (@hannah_bo_banna)

This great post explores why comment sections are looked down upon, why comments are actually pretty cool, and why the writers that are being commented on are no different, or better, than the commenters.

From Wayne:

Penguin 2.0: Breaking the News to Clients by Joel Klottke (https://twitter.com/cstechjoel)

Following the release of Penguin 2.0, Joel has put together a guide to breaking the news to your clients. There are a range of different excuses from ‘Blame the Intern’ to ‘Fire Up the Smoke and Mirrors’. *Please note, these email templates are for humour purposes only. Send to your clients at your peril!

From Lauren:

The Secret Recipe for Viral Content Marketing Success by Kelsey Libert (https://twitter.com/kelseylibert)

It’s a fairly lengthy piece that claims to offer the reader the secret recipe for creating viral content. It breaks the whole process down into manageable segments that are easily achievable; such as analysing the competition, using emotion, and understanding what it truly means to ‘go viral’.

From Katie:

Eight Silly Data Myths Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired by Avinash Kaushik (https://twitter.com/avinash)

Smart advice on using Analytics the right way – and why you’re doomed to fail if you don’t.

If you’re looking for more awesome, then why not check out what the Boom team have been writing this month?

Katie (https://twitter.com/ksaxoninternet) has been busy writing about Six Uses of IFTTT For PPC Pros over at the PPC Associates blog. This blog will help you automate your online life, as well as  teaching you how to use Liam Neeson’s quote from ‘Taken’ to scare someone into returning your phone calls!

Meanwhile Wayne (https://twitter.com/wayneb77) wrote an epic post on Using BuzzStream’s BuzzBar with Link Prospector for the guys over at Search Engine Land. He talks you through BuzzStream’s latest new tool and how to use it effectively.

We also got a mention in Anthony Pensabene’s (https://twitter.com/content_muse) epic list of resources: Thank You, SEO Far. We’d highly recommend bookmarking this page, it’ll come in all sorts of useful!

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