What Boom Have Been Reading: March 2016 Edition

Why not grab yourself a cuppa, some (more?) chocolate and settle down for a good read. Here’s our run down of everything that’s been happening in the digital marketing world this March, from SEO to PPC, content and design.

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Getting Your WordPress Website Ready For Facebook Instant Articles by Jon Penland (@jpen365)

With Facebook recently announcing that it’s “Instant articles” service will soon be available for all content publishers (not just the big boys like Buzzfeed and BBC News), now is the time to make sure that your site is prepared to serve content to your Facebook followers. If you want to keep ahead of the curve that is…

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Why Marketing Has Become The Hardest Position To Hire For by Benji Hyam (@benjihyam)

Plenty of food-for-thought for people tasked with hiring marketers and an interesting read for everyone else. If you don’t have time to read it the key takeaways are… 1. marketers should be hiring marketers. 2. marketing degrees mean pretty much diddly-squat when it comes to on-the-job or digital knowledge. 3. CVs and past performance are poor indicators of a candidate’s potential.

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How To Be More Persuasive – Psychology 101 For Link Builders by Chris Dyson (@ChrisLDyson)

I’ve been stuck in a bit of an outreach rut and this helped bring back my enthusiasm for it. I find the psychology behind things really interesting and with a combination of the principles mentioned here and more practise of my concentration techniques (see my upcoming blog post!), I hope I will get all the wonderful content we’ve made recently in front of more eyes.

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How Does Google Make Money? by BBC

If you ever need an accessible explanation of how PPC works for a client…

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How Thorntons Uses Content Marketing To Gain An Edge At Easter by Ben Davis

If you hadn’t had enough of chocolate already, I thought it was quite topical to include this snapshot into Thornton’s content marketing efforts. If you haven’t seen the ‘Ultimate Guide To Easter Eggs‘ yet then take a look,  you really couldn’t want for any more information about chocolate eggs!

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How Effective is Google AdWords Express for Local Businesses? by Myles Anderson

This article confirms what anyone who has used “full” AdWords and experienced AdWords Express thought – AdWords Express is rubbish. It’s interesting to see some empirical data on what businesses think of Google’s simplified PPC platform and this article also has a few tips for those (stuck?) using it.

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Monday Morning Design Inspiration by Veerle Pieters (@vpieters)

Sometimes you just need to see something really, really good to remind you why you do your job, especially on a Monday!

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Google is Developing an iPhone Keyboard to Boost its Mobile Search Offering by Rebecca Stewart

An interesting look at a potential new feature for iOS from Google to help boost their mobile search offering.

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Misunderstood Metrics: Sessions for Pages by Mike Sullivan (@AnalyticsEdge)

A nice and clear explanation of the perils of using sessions when looking at performance by page, with advice on what to use instead.
And because it’s always good to know what’s really going on when Google makes big changes, take a look at the data Larry Kim has shared about Google’s right-side Adpocalypse.

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19 Actionable SEO Tips To Increase Organic Traffic by Matthew Barby (@matthewbarby)

This huge guide from Matthew Barby is packed full of useful, easy-to-implement tactics to rank your content right at the top of the first page of Google. Bookmark this one, you’re going to need a good chunk of time to get it all read and the information digested.

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Learn Flexbox, the fun way:

Ok, so I’ve been super-busy this month and haven’t had much time for reading. But I did find a great little game for learning flexbox in CSS. See it as a kind of spiritual successor to flexbox froggy

https://www.flexboxdefense.com/ by @ChanningAllen

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This month I’ve been reading a lot about Bing. Bing has finally sorted out auto-tagging for shopping campaigns, which is going to save a lot of time when managing and creating the feed for Bing shopping.
I was also interested in Bing’s testing of social ad extensions, which I hadn’t thought of before as a possible extension, but this one could definitely be popular for both Bing and Google in the future.

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Another month – another, er…no Penguin.

The month in which the Googler with the cowboy hat gave up predicting when the next Penguin would hit and got upset because people don’t understand RankBrain  – like Google really understand it themselves.


What did you read Wayne?

URL Structure for SEO and Usability by Pedro Dias – in which an ex Googler cuts through the bull just tells you the hows and what about about URL structure. Can we leave this now please?

Graphoti Content Results by Andy Kirk – in which data visualisation guy Andy Kirk invited people to destroy data in the name of fun and art.

Here are some great examples:

There were also some great presentations form the recent #searchfest – here is the cream of the crop.

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