What Boom Have Been Reading: March 2015

Even with the impending mobile algorithm update, the internet world continues to turn. Today we bring you a selection of our favourite reads from design, PPC, SEO and more! So grab a cuppa and a biscuit and settle down for a half hour…

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9 Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from Traditional Journalism by Aaron Agius (@IAmAaronAgius)

The internet may have driven big changes in journalism, but the core practices still apply today. This rather awesome post from Aaron Agius offers up nine lessons content marketers can take away from traditional journalism tactics.

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14 Examples of Evergreen Content Formats that Work Wonders by Graham Charlton (@gcharlton)

A helpful reminder about creating content that will be useful for years to come, along with loads of ideas for evergreen content topics and approaches.

The Wrong Font Can Kill You. Literally. Your Sales, Too by Roger Dooley (@rogerdooley)

Font choice can seriously affect the perception of your message. Do you choose your font as carefully as you choose the words you use in marketing messages? It’s probably time you did.

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Verisign: .Com Domains Have More Click Appeal in Search Results by Matt McGee (@mattmcgee)

A fairly simple test and obviously based on the US market, but interesting to see some sort of proof that the older domain extensions carry more weight with consumers than the new ones. I would certainly still be looking at .com and .co.uk domains if I were registering a new business domain today, in preference to lesser-used extensions. There may be no SEO difference between them, but it seems pretty clear that people prefer what they know.

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How Search Works by Google (@google)

A great demonstration of narrative design and Google-y magic combined.

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New e-book: Web UI Design for the Human Eye (Colours, Space, Contrast) by Jerry Cao (@jerrycao_uxpin)

Anyone who work or collaborates with designers should take some time to read this free e-book. It’s a neat little primer on why you like good design when you see, and why designers make the decisions they do.

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10 Marketing Tactics to Increase Conversions by Drew Hendricks (@DrewAHendricks)

High quality content marketing can greatly impact a company’s online visibility and reputation. This post from Forbes highlights the importance of implementing and executing an effective content marketing strategy and how you can keep up with the latest changes.

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More Than Quizzes: Three Types of Interactive Content that Drive Leads by Julie Wingerter (@JWingerter)

Over the past couple of months I’ve started to have to think more about how content can create leads as well as links. This article by Julie Wingerter covers a couple of the most popular types of interactive content and how we can make it work harder.

Go Book Yourself (@book_yourself)

“Book recommendations by humans, because algorithms are so 1984.” It’s a tedious link to SEO (C’mon, who can say they haven’t gotten whiplash from Google’s algorithm updates) but I really wanted to share this site with you. I read really quickly so it’s always nice to have new recommendations and Dan, Anna and Rob make excellent ones.

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How Spending $132,491.42 on Meal Made Me $992,000 by Neil Patel (@neilpatel)

Neil Patel is addic… tive.

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Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC by Mark Borkowski (@MarkBorkowski)

This is so interesting to read from a point of view of two major brands currently engaged in a head-to-head battle. The greatest, most trusted and objective international new provider in the world, the BBC, against the wildly popular bold and brash Jeremy Clarkson. Two colossal names which have worked very well together, until today.

‘Jeremy’ the brand has been made possible and live thank to the BBC. However, in fairness, Clarkson has also grown to deliver one, if not the most, prolific and well-loved shows of all time. So, has the scholar outgrown the teach? More importantly, can the BBC live without him? Of course they can!

As the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation (and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees) the BBC can indeed afford to drop one big talent if they want to.

Anti-social behaviour and violence at work (no matter how minor) is just not acceptable. This is the time for the BBC to revisit its core value and stand the ground of its renowned fairness and greatness.

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You Have Too Much S**t by Chris Thomas (@christhomas_90)

“If it isn’t useful or beautiful, get rid of it” said a man, once. This short, self-help publication is both. Although it’s not strictly a design-related piece, much of the advice is applicable to modern web design. Ditch the bumf and start with what you need. It also proves why designing a website mobile-first is a sensible idea. It’s also quite sweary…

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Supercharge Your PPC Workflow by Melissa Mackey (@Mel66)

Appearing back in November, this article has re-surfaced this month on Beyond the paid. This list is a good basic skeleton for any PPC advertiser to follow, and a good place to start if you’ve recently set up a campaign with some assistance but now need some help to optimise!

The Essential In-Depth Overview of PPC Bid Management by Frederick Vallaeys (@siliconvallaeys)

This article is great for advertisers to choose what bidding technique is right for the goals they’ve opted for. It also deals with issues that might crop up and why you should be choosy about the data you use to make decisions. By the end of the article, I was given a fresh perspective – it’s easy to get lost in the granularity of it all!

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As we approach the day that the SEO world goes wild (again) with mobile apocalypse and Google slamming the door in the face of, er doorway pages (see what I did there? No-one else has done that I bet) let’s have a little look back on some good stuff:

Dave Trott looked at Why Experts Are Fishy, as ever a short – but smart – look at why experts try so hard to convince that what they know is ALL there is to know.

Patrick and the team over at URL Profiler released some great updates to their indispensable tool and also wrote So You Think All Your Pages Are Indexed By Google? Think Again. If you don’t use their tool yet I suggest you go and give it a free trial (not an affiliate link).

I also discovered thrust.io – great for finding people’s emails.

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