What Boom Have Been Reading: June 2016 Edition

What a month.

Boom celebrates another year in business (celebration evening photos redacted).

The world of digital marketing continued to tick. People continue to misunderstand RankBrain. Ads are coming to the local pack. Boo. Weird stuff happened with Keyword Planner. Dynamic search ad targeting will get better. There might have been another update. In more important news “Man From One Company Uses Product From Another Company”.

Have fun digging through this lot as well!

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WordPress and HTTP2: All Your Questions Answered by David Attard (@DARTCreations)

There are lots of guides out there on “How to improve your WordPress sites speed”, we’ve all seen them in one guise or anther, but unfortunately most of these guides are either outdated, recycled, or simply pure speculation. Thankfully, there IS one foolproof way to speed up your WordPress site (or any website for that matter), and it’s part of the new web. Introducing HTTP/2.

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Why Conversion Rate is a Horrible Metric to Focus On by Dan Barker (@danbarker)

Why conversion rate is a horrible metric to focus on in isolation and how it needs context in order to become meaningful.

Why do we link to other websites? by Dan Petrovic (@dejanseo)

Insights from a study designed to understand why we link to other sites and how regular web users perceive links – the conclusion being that commercially-driven links can and do exist organically and should be treated as such – not as links that need “cleaning-up” or that could result in a penalty.

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Ask the expert: Mari Smith answers 56 questions about Facebook marketing by Susan Moeller (@SusanCMoeller)

When this landed in my inbox I decided to have a quick look and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the advice given. It’s a great all-rounder post and great for refreshing your memory before setting up a campaign.

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Influencing With Ad Copy: How To Truly Drive Action by Purna Virji (@purnavirji)

Some interesting ideas on how to fill that little bit of extra space we’ll be getting when expanded text ads arrive.

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Does Google Look At Anchor Text In Internal Links? by Graham Charlton (@gcharlton)

A useful article on internal linking including some real world examples. If you’re not sure whether a good internal linking strategy can make a difference, give this a read.

Email newsletter sign-ups: How fashion brands welcome new subscribers by Nikki Gilliand (@Nikki_Gilliland)

The welcome email is nothing new, so this glimpse into some leading fashion brands welcome emails is enlightening.

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There’s only one thing on everyone’s mind at the moment, and i’m no exception.

Time to think about what Brexit could mean for the eCommerce industry:

Bright Side To Brexit: UK’s Ecommerce Platform Potential Can Easily Surpass That Of Europe by Haydn Shaughnessy (@haydn1701)

Brexit Would Damage UK Ecommerce Sector by Sean Fleming (@flemingsean)

Just like the debate itself, there are varying predictions for the future…

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Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about email open rates and making sure that bloggers and writers actually see what you want to show them.

Here’s a post by our friends at Buzzstream with tips for better outreach that includes plenty about how to improve your open rates:

Research: How To Write Subject Lines That Drive Open Rates by Kelsey Libert (@KelseyLibert)

As a little bonus from me this month, here’s a cool tool that you can use to help determine how good a website is and whether they’re right for your outreach. The SimilarWeb Chrome plugin gives you data such as estimated monthly traffic, geographic insights of where the traffic is coming from and much MUCH more:

SimilarWeb – Website Ranking and Insights

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How I Cut Costs By 20% Using Monthly Bid Schedules by Alaina Thompson (@AlainaPThompson)

A really smart approach to a common concern – how to hit cost per lead targets. This is some data that I’ll be digging into for my accounts in the future.

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How 16 Companies are Dominating Google’s Search Results by Glen Allsopp (@ViperChill)

This is an extremely interesting and detailed post on how the world’s search results are dominated by just a small number of companies. The 16 companies identified by Glen at ViperChill own a large number of websites and use them to rank extremely effectively for a large variety of high volume (and high value) search terms.

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In my quest to deliver even more exciting content I’ve been staring at a lot of beautiful data this month. They range from the mind bogglingly complex to the most delightfully simple. Enjoy!

Who Needs Genres When There Is Data? by Decibels & Decimals (@db_and_dm)

Americans are Growing Bigger by Flowing data (@flowingdata)

THE HOLLYWOOD IN$IDER by Information Is Beautiful (@infobeautiful)

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The role technical SEO should play: It’s makeup by Clayburn Griffin (@Clayburn)

There is nothing more fun than seeing people get their knickers in a twist. It seems like it has been ages since we had a bit of a technical SEO stand-off. The most surprising thing is that Jasyon Demers was nowhere in sight.

Clayburn came out of the gates following up on his recent True Value of Technical SEO on LinkedIn Pulse (nugget: Technical SEO is quite literally the least you can do) stating “My intention was to provoke, to cause controversy, and that’s definitely what I did.”

And look what happened.

It kicked off.

The metaphor was clunky. End of. The opinions. Well. Everyone is allowed opinions.

The follow ups were fun as well.


The role of technical SEO is “makeup”? Really? by Patrick Hathaway (@HathawayP)

Why technical SEO is so much more than just ‘make-up’ by Max Holloway (@maxholloway)

On Technical SEO by Dave Snyder (@davesnyder)

Check out the thread on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/bigseo/comments/4odo76/response_on_technical_seo/

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