What Boom Have Been Reading: June 2014 Edition

June has been a busy one, and not just for the team here at Boom! The World Cup is in full swing (minus England, surprise surprise), Glastonbury welcomed the ever-perky Dolly Parton, and the nation started knocking back strawberries and cream like nobodies business thanks to Wimbledon fever.

If you’ve been busy following any of the above, then maybe you haven’t have time to keep up on the latest industry posts, which is where we come in. By now, you know the drill. Grab your tea/coffee/beverage of choice and enjoy our round-up:

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Creating Culture Change with Social Business Tools like Yammer by Sandie Bakowski (@SandieBakowski)

In this article by Sandie Bakowski she talks about how using social business tools such as Yammer are eliciting culture change. She goes on to talk about how these social business tools increase collaboration and innovation, give businesses better employee engagement and help find the leaders of tomorrow, but ita really important to get the tone of network right. Set up what culture and tone you want to achieve through these tools and then stick to it.

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DEATH TO SEO COPYWRITING by Joel Klettke (@JoelKlettke)

“Creativity and findability do not need to be enemies.”

I love Joel’s style, he always hits the nail on the head! Here he takes a look at some of the awful copywriting mistakes made in the name of SEO and proposes some new guidelines to follow when writing for the web.

Microcopy: The Tiny Phrases with an Explosive Impact on Conversions by Tommy Walker (@tommyismyname)

“Bad microcopy might not break your user experience, but well crafted microcopy can make the UX noticeably better.”

Microcopy, the small pieces of text accompanying important parts of your site, can have a huge impact on conversions. In this article Tommy Walker looks at some fascinating case studies where microcopy tweaks have led to massive improvements.

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Screen Size Matters: Adapting Content Strategy for Multiple Devices by Simon Penson (@simonpenson)

This is a great, very detailed blog post which looks beyond just creating content that is compatible across all devices. It looks at creating and publishing content specific  to your intended audience and what type of device they are likely to be using at certain times of the day. A very interesting read and a strategy definitely worth testing!

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You Won’t Remember that Infographic by AJ Khon (@ajkohn)

Some definite food for thought as to the benefits of infographics, though I’m not so sure about AJ’s comments against using infographics for links. Infographics might suck for building your brand, but great things can happen if you get the right infographic in front of the right person.

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How to Paint BUS STOP on a Road by Mark Sinclair (@CreativeReview)

This is a fantastic video that shows that the skill of hand rendered typography is alive and well in one of the last places you’d expect!

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Going Unicorn Hunting: The Secrets Behind Ads with 3x the Average CTR by Larry Kim (@larrykim)

Larry’s always great at providing blog posts with real data in them and this one shares some pretty interesting stats about average CTR, the impact on QS and what that means for your bottom line. There’s also a webinar to help you become a unicorn – it gets bonus points with me for calling the best AdWords accounts unicorns. If you do PPC, you should read this post..

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10 Chrome Dev Tool Hacks for Digital Marketers by James Porter (@jamesporter_co)

I guess in a way I’m still in tool denial. Like James, whenever I needed to do any technical tasks a combination of ‘view-source’ and extensions seemed to get me the info I needed. In this blog post, James leads us through 10 ways marketers can use the Chrome dev tools to their advantage. Some really handy hints and tips that are worth five minutes of your time.

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To be honest I don’t think it was a stellar month – more people were interested in that football thingy (<< SERIOUSLY CLICK THAT LINK, ESPECIALLY IF YOU COLLECT WORLD CUP STICKERS), some tennis and some sort of music festival.

Having said that there were a couple of things that stood out for me:

New guy at Hitreach Tommie Gleave put this handy little guide together on how to build links by helping others.

Danny Lynch at the newly re-branded builtvisible talked about the finishing touches that you can apply for more successful outreach – think phones and chocolate.

AJ Kohn managed to find the time to write up one of his always well thought out blog posts – this month touching on infographics and the triangle of memory – I suggest you pop over there and have a little read.

Buzzstream updated their very handy Buzzmarker for Chrome (again) – nice work guys – and a handy little chrome extension for Google Analytics was released.

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