What Boom Have Been Reading: June 2013 Edition

Well, we can’t believe that another month has passed by already. The Penguin 2.0 update has been and gone, Amy and myself spent the day at the Content Marketing Show on the last day of May (if you haven’t read Amy’s round up then I’d definitely recommend giving it a once over), and the whole team ate A LOT of sweets. In amongst all the munching we’ve also done some reading!

Without further ado, here’s the Boom Reading List from June…

From Gozde:

It’s All in Your Head: 9 Reasons You Can’t Resist a List by Dan Lyons at HubSpot (@realdanlyons)

I’m a huge believer and lover of lists so really liked this post. Full of wonderful tips and lovely images!

From Alison:

Off-Page SEO in 2013 and Beyond by Jason Acidre (@jasonacidre)

Great food for thought in looking beyond links. A really comprehensive guide to important off-page SEO factors in 2013 and how we can make the most of them.

From Amy E:

Marketing Confessional: I Dream About Viral Content by Kevin Cain (@kevinrcain)

I read this blog post right at the beginning of the month and I instantly knew I wanted to put it forward for Boom’s monthly round-up. With the focus now heavily on creating quality, captivating, evocative content; this post provides a great checklist for creating something that people will want to share.

From Wayne:

How I failed Skyrocket and Agate via Twitter by Anthony Pensabene (@content_muse)

An incredibly honest and transparent look at the social media and branding for SkyRocketSEO. Anthony not only looks at how Twitter has been going for their guys but poses questions on why and how brands should conduct themselves on social media. It is worth having a dig through the comments as well (feauring Patrick Hathaway, Joel Klettke, Gisele Navarro Mendez, David Cohen and Giuseppe Pastore) because they are as good as the post!

From Lauren:

50 Design Inspirations for 8 Types of Infographic by Lyndon Antcliffe (@lyndoman)

This article is a great for getting the creative juices flowing. It’ll come in really handy when trying to decide how to develop a content idea into something visually exciting.

From Amy F:

100 Conversion Optimization Case Studies via Kissmetrics (@KISSmetrics)

100 examples of how small changes and site redesigns have made massive differences to conversion rates – lots to learn and tons of ideas to test yourself!

From Katie:

Should You Create Ad Group Sitelinks in Enhanced Campaigns? by Brad Geddes (@bgtheory)

The 22nd July deadline for upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns is fast-approaching, and setting up the new ad group sitelinks is time consuming. Before you get started, find out if you really need them with this great case study.

From Ben:

How To Blog Successfully About Anything by Tanner Christensen (@tannerc)

Coming up with ideas and then writing a post on them for a blog isn’t always an easy task! This article is great because it’s got some fantastic tips towards writing good posts that are much more likely to get noticed – something everyone should be working towards.

From Ian:

12 Essential PPC Landing Page Success Factors by Graham Charlton (@econsultancy)

Obvious to some, but overlooked by far too many, Graham at eConsultancy provides a solid list of things to improve (and test!) on your landing pages. I particularly like “don’t forget the non-responders” – not everyone buys or enquires on their first visit!

And to finish off here’s a bonus link from Amy F, to remind SEOs that pandas are sometimes cute, cuddly and couldn’t care less about your rankings!

10 ways pandas are like us via Mashable (@mashable)

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