What Boom Have Been Reading: July 2016 Edition

July was another busy month for Boom, as we were named one of the Creative Class 2016 as well as achieving Premier Google Partner status, giving us plenty to celebrate!

July also brought new redirect rules for us to keep on top of, which this handy redirect guide can help with, as well as some major changes in Adwords and further SERP fluctuation. Make sure you keep on top of the busy world of digital marketing with some of Boom’s top reads below.

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PIN’s: The Future of Private Link Building by Glen Allsopp (@ViperChill)

A very detailed insight into a somewhat shady but very effective means of (quality) link building. Food for thought…

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12 Reasons for Brands for Use GIFs in Content Marketing by Tereza Lista

Probably one of the less serious additions to this month’s round-up! We all love a good GIF and I found it interesting that whilst we often just assume they’re only for sending to your mates over Facebook chat, they’re actually quite a handy way of engaging with your audience.

Also – definitely pronounced “GIF” not “JIF”, despite what Steve Wilhite says.I’m right, he’s wrong. That is all.

8 Ways to Optimise Your Blog Posts by Tereza Lista

Just a handy jog-your-memory checklist of stuff to remember for something that we all do pretty damn frequently.

Seven Ways to Make Your Boring Products Pages Sizzle by Tereza Lista

“Making a hot, well designed product page isn’t difficult. It just needs some tweaking to follow by the tried and true layout.” For days when you need some inspiration!

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The After Effects of Brexit on Global CPCs by Mark Irvine

If you’re competing for clicks against non-UK based firms, they’re paying around 14% less than they were before Brexit. Have we ‘reclaimed our country’ yet? Can we make it stop now, please?

Expanded Text Ads: 7 Million Clicks Say They’re Under Performing by JD Prater (@JDPrater)

There’s evidence that dropping everything in order to write expanded text ads might not be such a great use of time after all.

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June 2016 Google Algorithm Update – Analysis and Findings (But Was It Panda or Another Quality Update?) by Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe)

Useful updates on SERP volatility whilst we still await the latest Penguin roll out. Glenn has kept this post up to date as the latest information has become available.

How Your Old Content Can Help With SEO by Tamar Weinberg

A helpful and actionable reminder that we shouldn’t always focus our efforts on new content. Extend the shelf life of useful content that you’ve invested in creating, and concentrate on quality.

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Mozilla is Finally Killing Flash Next Month (mostly) by Bryan Clark (@bryanclark)

As flash takes it’s final lurching steps toward the grave, I’ve been taking a look at the state of web animation in 2016:

Web Animations In Interaction Design: 2016 And Beyond by Jerry Cao (@jerrycao_uxpin)

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Making a Science of Content Marketing from The Drum

The title of this article makes it sound a lot more ‘experimental’ than it actually is, but it’s a decent read that covers a lot of often overlooked basics about why we do content marketing, how to approach it and how to measure success.

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Expanded text ads and device based bidding have landed. I repeat, expanded text ads and device based bidding have landed. This is not a drill. If you weren’t part of the beta and haven’t already got your accounts ready, here’s a few posts to help you out:

How to Prepare for AdWords’ Expanded Text Ads and Device-Based Bidding by Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro)

Practical and straightforward advice from the king of #PPCChat

7 Best Practices for Google’s NEW Expanded Text Ads (Available NOW!) by Mark Irvine (@MarkIrvine89)

Whenever there’s a big change to AdWords I want to read what Wordstream has to say about it – they have a treasure trove of data and they are always happy to share. Here’s some nice actionable tips to help with your ad creation.

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JavaScript SEO for Non-Developers by Website Magazine

This guide does exactly what the title suggests, helping us non-developers to understand JavaScript SEO so that we can provide more detailed advice and guidance in the more technical areas that the average SEO would not understand.

Scalable Link Strategies for 2016 by Christian Sculthorp (@sculthorpseo)

There are some nice little tips in here for scalable link building – something many people struggle with, and rightly so (good link building is hard!). I especially like the first tip about hacking HARO, that’s a really interesting idea that I’ll definitely be trying out.

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How to Make Award-Winning Content – Parts 1 & 2 by Distilled.net

Here are a few interesting case studies about some of Distilled amazing content. Find out the story behind their creation and how they were executed, along with some pretty neat general advice.


followed by this…


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I’ve been all over the place recently.

Read some of this and some of that. No real focus.

So that’s what you get.

A bunch of things that I found and then read and they were interesting to me and I hope to you.

A Brief Introduction to Data Visualization Theory for marketers by Paul Shapiro (@fighto)

What it says on the tin. A solid guide that will help you get your teeth into data visulisation – something passes a lot of people by – helpful for content, reports and pitching alike.

Filmographics by Andy Kirk (@visualisingdata)

Following on from theory here’s some cool data visualisation.

Phrase Based Indexing and Semantics by Justin Briggs (@justinrbriggs)

Bill Slawski reminded me about this the other week  – the date in it is nearly 5 years ago. Wow. Time. Flying. And all that jazz. If you like some of the more technical aspects of SEO and how search engines work then this is for you.

How We Failed At Company Culture (And How We Fixed It) by Amy Ashton (@amyashton8)

A great (and very very honest) piece on what company culture is and isn’t. So many people have been getting this wrong in the past few years and its great to see a company write about it with such candour.

Oh Screaming Frog updated. That is always worth mentioning.

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