What Boom Have Been Reading: July 2014 Edition

We won’t say it too loud, just in case the weather hears us and decides to take it away, but it looks like July has decided to grace us with an alien season called “summer”. If you’ve been enjoying the sun and haven’t found time to keep your finger on the pulse of the digital world then you’re in luck. We might be pasty white from sitting inside, but we’ve read some great things this month so tuck in…

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Experiential Branding Gets Interactive by Dennis Walthers (@Dennis_Walthers)

In this article Dennis Walthers talks about how big brands are experimenting with interactive branding. He talks about Air Graffiti Dallas who use digital ‘spray paint’ on digital ‘walls’ to put companies branding on to which consumers are encouraged to get involved and use the spray paint themselves to be creative from their home. Once they are finished with their branded and creative idea they can then share what they’ve done directly from the digital wall meaning the brand gets lots of good exposure.

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How to Run your First Twitter Ad by Jonathan Svilar (@3QDigital)

This is a great, easy to follow and up to date guide on setting up a Twitter Ad. In many cases, once you’ve run through the motions it’s easy to get the hang of but it’s nice to have a simple set of instructions to follow. The actual platforms seem to be incapable of providing them!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Ads by Massimo Chieruzzi (@MassimoCw)

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Brilliant slideshow with lots of tips and ideas (both beginner and pretty advanced) for anyone tasked with creating Facebook ads.

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Google Updates Local Algo with More Web Based Signals – Turmoil in SERPs by Mike Blumenthal (@mblumenthal)

This signals what we expect to see in the UK soon, if it isn’t already here (difficult to tell, as the effects of the “Pigeon” update appear to be quite varied across different vertical markets). Bad news for small local businesses, good news for Yelp, Yell.com etc. With Google now factoring more of its standard website ranking signals into local search, the big players are likely to be the winners. Meanwhile, many types of local search query are still completely spam-tastic or rank the weakest listings top. Thanks Google.

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Metropolis 1920 Typography by Josip Kelava (@JosipKelava)

Metropolis Free Font – Because how often do you see an inline font that’s as dynamic and beautiful as this? Oh, and it’s as fantastic as it is free.

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We Experiment on Human Beings! by Christian Rudder (@christianrudder)

Great blog post from one of the founders of OKCupid talking about how they run experiments and the surprising results that they’ve seen – no great takeaways, but if you’re a data geek, you’ll love it. Hat tip to Jasmine for sharing this.

I also loved Justin Cutroni’s post on how universal analytics could make AdWords remarketing even more powerful, I want to see some case studies of PPCers trying this in the wild. Brian Massey‘s post on how to become a statistically significant marketer was a great one for anyone who’s getting to grips with statistics to improve their marketing efforts. And it’s cool to see the different approaches to editorial calendars shared by two bloggers.

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Perfect Pitches: 500 Publishers Tel Us How to Get Their Attention by Kelsey Libert (@KelseyLibert)

Another slideshare! This one is awesome, and definitely worth five minutes of your time. Kelsey and her team asked 500 publishers a variety of questions all relating to outreach. The result? 59 slides that will give you a great insight in to how to get your content in front of the right eyes. We’re talking CNN, the NY Times, the Guardian, Forbes, Huff Post and more. Read it, right now.

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Rotating Banners: Why Image Sliders Kill Conversions by Tim Ash (@tim_ash)

Using the theory of motion perception to argue that rotating banners detract from onsite conversion rates. That, and they’re probably not that effective at conveying their messages due to banner blindness and readability issues anyway. Pretty sound arguments but I would have liked to see some sort of A/B test results to back it up.

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July – the month that saw the welcome return of the OKCupid blog (it’s a great post and I suggest you go read it). It was the month when Google updated their Local Search algorithm and it was given the name Pigeon (seriously? Can we not think of something a little bit better than this?)

But what stuck out? What was worthy of inclusion here? Enter #kingofbeards Dustin Verburg with his pet project – a Matt Cutts themed Choose Your Own Adventure – nice…

Kelsey Libert conducted some great research into what publishers and journalists really want to hear when you pitch them – and it ended becoming this as well.

Tad Chef was busy writing of Hippy Link Love, The Link Being President and Peoples Analytics Tools.

Oh and here is The Nostalgia Machine

In other Boom news, we’ve also decided that a diet based around baked goods, whilst undeniably delicious, may not be the best for us…

We’re also absolutely delighted to welcome Peter, our second designer, to the team. Keep your eyes peeled for his welcome post 🙂

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