What Boom Have Been Reading: January 2017 Edition

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As January draws to a close we’ve moved away from 2017 predictions and into 2017’s realities.  So what changes have been brought by the new year for digital marketing?

The Boom team has been reading about beating big brands in Google search, how keyword research and testimonials are still as important as ever, how you can use Pinterest in ways you’d never thought of and much more. Do you know what to do if the President tweets you? What about how rudeness could be affecting teamwork? There’s something for everyone in this month’s round-up, so get stuck in and read to your heart’s content.

Ian Lockwood

Ian Lockwood


Bing Ads Automated Imports

by Sachin Tayade (@SachinBiz) Some manual work and checking is still required, but this is a real time-saver for those with regularly-changing ad campaigns. If you aren’t already, it’s worth testing out Bing Ads as whilst the traffic volume is many times below that of Google, the ROI can still be worth having.


Bonus link: Your Site Name in Results on Google


This is a developer doc explaining how you can use structured data markup to tell Google how you want it to display your website’s name in organic search results. So if you aren’t happy with how it does it now, this is your answer!

Wayne Barker

Director of Online Marketing

Killing Giants: How to Beat Big Brands in Google Search

by Ross Tavendale (@rtavs) So this was a jolly good read and an interesting look at how another agency goes about working with clients. It covers a bunch of tactics and lays them down on the table for you look at. And maybe steal a few.

Googlebot’s Crawl Budget And Crawl Demand: How It Impact’s Your Site’s Visibility In Search Results And How You Can Improve It

by Vanessa Fox (@vanessafox) The one that wears the funny hat and is a bit odd about koalas posted a thing about this, you can find that here – if you want a more in-depth version than you can go and read Vanessa’s. It’s good.

12 Creative Ways To Use My Favorite Keyword Research Tools

by Dan Shure (@dan_shure) Dan posted this about keyword research tools. People don’t do this enough anymore. There are some obvious ones in there – but also some not-so-obvious ones.

How To Increase Your Keyword Footprint

by Nick Eubanks (@nick_eubanks) Nick’s the go-to guy for keyword research stuff. We do this. A bit different but similar. I didn’t think of calling it the Bigfoot strategy. I should name things more often. Great read never the less.

James Walsh

James Walsh

Head of Production


by Sarah Knght (@MCSnugz) A refreshingly honest list of ways cut through all the self-improvement crap and actually improve yourself in 2017.

Woo Year In Review 2016

by Todd Wilkens (@toddwilkens) Working predominantly on WooCommerce projects this last year – it’s good to see that the Team at Woo have no intention of slowing down. Of particular interest is their mention of a shipping service, something I’ve long thought should be bundled into every e-commerce CMS. Time will tell if it solves that problem.

Lauren Roitman

Digital Marketing Client Manager

How Rudeness Stops People Working Together

by Christine Porath (@PorathC) Teamwork seems to be the theme of my reading this month. I found Christine Porath’s examination of how incivility can affect the productivity, confidence and trust within a team, even for those who aren’t the target of the behaviour, an interesting and brief introduction to the topic.

Claire Brain

Digital Marketing Client Manager

Google: How to Handle Near Identical Product Pages for Search

by Jennifer Slegg (@jenstar) Similar products often cause an SEO problem for Ecommerce sites. This useful article covers how to deal with them to help search engines and website users find the right results.

Five Low-Cost Things You Should Be Doing Today: Email Edition

by Amy Africa (@amyafrica) Some simple, low-cost changes that could make all the difference to your email marketing. This is a useful reminder to revisit the basics and give your email strategy an overhaul.

Luke Jordan

Digital Marketing Client Manager

This 8-Page Website Generated Six-Figures in its First 8 Months

by Glen Allsopp (@ViperChill) I have found this post extremely insightful for how successful some individuals can be if they just put the effort into a simple affiliate blog. It’s not just focused around making money though, there are some great tactics included for how the brand new website with no authority outranked a range of big websites to draw in thousands of visitors from Google – even though it was just one man and his computer.

Rhea Walker


10 Unexpected Ways to Use Pinterest

by Dara Fontein (@deefontein) I have personally always enjoyed Pinterest, I have a board for every aspect of my personal life. Although, I’ve never thought about using it outside of my personal life. This shows the ways you can use Pinterest in ways you never thought of, or at least I didn’t!

Peter Bingham

Digital Designer

Dispelling the ‘Testimonial Pagers are No Longer Important’ Myth

by Ben Pines (@elemntor) I’ve seen altogether too many awful, boring testimonial pages where the client has copied and pasted several 10,000-word essays from over-enthusiastic customers. No one doubts the customer’s satisfaction or authenticity, but I can almost guarantee that NOBODY WILL READ THEM. Here, on the other hand, are a few creative ways to make these pages shine and become the portfolio our customers will WANT to read.

Best Practices for Long Scrolling

by Nick Babich (@101babich) Time to stop worrying about content “above the fold” – the mobile web has taken over! Instead, spend the time making your mobile experience more user-friendly. This short article provides plenty of tips for doing just that.

Chris Dennis

PPC Account Manager

Is Ad Extension Overload Hurting Performance?

by Bethany Bey (@Bethany_Bey) Some interesting evidence that letting Google choose which Ad Extensions to show may not be the best course of action.

Amy Hunt

Digital Marketing Executive

10 Signs You Were Born to Be a Content Marketer

by Julia McCoy (@JuliaEMcCoy) A nice little life affirming piece from Julia, a great read when you need a boost with some interesting statistics for good measure.

Jordan Piano

Digital Marketing Client Manager

I recently got looking into checkout/shopping cart abandonment rates; why it happens, how often it happens and then how we can improve. The following articles outline the problems and reasons why shoppers abandon their online carts and also what you can do to optimise your checkout pages and processes.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Analysis

by WebFX

Online Shops: Optimise Your Checkout Process in 7 Steps

by Britta Kristin Böhle (@Britta_PB)

Katie Walton

Head of PPC

Tick-tock: Expert findings, testing tips & resources for Expanded Text Ads success after Jan. 31

by Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin) When ETAs were first announced I was really psyched – just think of all that extra space! Overall though, ETA performance has been underwhelming. Yes, there’s been some boost to CTR, but they haven’t been the outright success I was hoping for. If you’re in the same position – or haven’t even started with ETAs yet – this post is for you. Ginny has gathered advice from industry experts and has links to a whole bunch of posts to help you make more of those extra 45 characters.

Amy Fowler

Digital Marketing Client Manager

What to Do If the President Tweets You

by Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer) I don’t think we, or any of our clients are at risk of being tweeted by Trump, but it’s interesting to see the impact on businesses a tweet from him can have – a risk that’s so real and so significant you can now get an app that will notify you if Trump tweets about a company you’re invested in.

Adam Dennis

Adam Dennis

Senior Developer

How to Host Your WordPress Site on Multiple AWS Server Instances

by David Attard A simple to follow tutorial on how to set up your WordPress site on multiple Amazon Server instances.

A must for businesses wanting to transition into the big leagues!

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