What Boom Have Been Reading: January 2016 Edition

January has been keeping us on our toes, the SERPs have been volatile as Google ‘perhaps’ start to roll out changes they have been working on for some time. Take a look at some of our favourite articles below if you need filling in on everything that’s been happening. We’ve also found you some of the best ambient noise to help your focus, covered the latest WordPress announcements and a reminder on how to create effective calls to action amongst other digital marketing gems. Get stuck in!

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WordPress In 2016: How The Rest API And Calypso Will Force Change – by Rachel McCollin (@rachelmccollin)

2015 saw some pretty huge announcements for WordPress, and in this article we explore a little into just how some of those announcements will affect Users & Developers in 2016 and beyond.

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Build Custom Formulas Within Custom Columns by William Larcom (@Will_Larcom)

Bringing a little bit of Excel into the AdWords interface.

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The Power of Evergreen Content for SEO by Graham Charlton

A detailed look in to content that brings sustained organic traffic over time. It’s great to see some examples of evergreen content in action to show how successful it can be.

Google integrates Panda into the Core Ranking Algorithm by Chris Lake (@lakey)

January was a busy month for SEOs, with suggestions of a potential Google algorithm update. The changes were confirmed as Panda becoming part of the core algorithm, so take a look at what this involves and what it might mean for your business.

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Accidental SEO Tests: How 301 Redirects Are Likely Impacting Your Brand by Brian Wood (@Wayfair)

A very interesting bit of data on the real impact of 301 redirects, showing a 15% drop each time one is made. This is a bigger drop than I would have expected and makes a strong case for not changing URLs unless absolutely necessary, as well as being more thorough with eradicating redirect chains so that there is never more than one “hop” if you can possibly avoid it.

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If you struggle to attain a productive state of zen, a well known trick is to listen to some sort of ambient noise. Lately there have been a lot of apps released to make this process really, really simple:


Lets you remix a bunch of ambient noises.


Which aims to emulate a coffee shop.


Mixes it up bit by matching public service broadcasts (police, air traffic control, etc) from around the globe to ambient to soundcloud playlists from people in that region.
Google “ambient noise app” and you’ll get bombarded with choice.
I love to know why these little tricks work so a bit of side reading is always good;
99U Weighs in here, Fast-co has a nice little write up about it here, Lifehacker looked at music and noise a couple of years back too.
Of course if you’re a massive geek (like me) you like your ambient noise a bit more out of this world, so here is a youtube playlist of ambient engine noises from well known sci-fi starships and space stations.
So that’s how they built a second death star so quickly…

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Adidas goes for Meme Marketing with ‘Thug Life’ Homage by Seb Joseph

We’ve all seen the ‘Thug Life’ memes and vines that have been doing the rounds on social media for the past year or so, right? Well, Adidas have jumped on the trend and created a new advert inspired by the meme.

For me I think this is interesting that rather than popular videos being turned into online memes, now we’re seeing social media birthed memes turned into videos for advertising and marketing purposes.


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Understanding Google Panda: The Definitive Algo Guide by Jennifer Slegg

With Panda again hitting SEO headlines this month as it became part of Google’s core-ranking algorithm, this pretty weighty guide is handy for anyone looking to master the art of content quality.
I’m bored of hearing about Panda and Penguin now, so I’m excitedly anticipating the next big animal update. I hope it’s dubbed ‘Meerkat’.

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How to Create Visually Effective Calls-To-Action By Rafal Tomal (@RafalTomal)

A new year back-to-basics article from me this month – sometimes it pays to take a refresher on the simpler concepts in web design. This article lays out the fundamentals of designing CTAs loud and clear.

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Math! Now Available Right In AdWords Custom Columns by Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin)

This month I’ve been reading about Google’s new addition to Custom Columns in AdWords – formulas. This new nifty formula-building functionality in custom columns will be great for statistical customised calculations based perhaps on individual campaign’s target CPA’s for example and will help monitor performance much quicker.

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Core update? No core update? Core update. Code FreezeMasses of money in all sorts of places.

Who knows what is going on? Anyone who claims to should not be trusted.

Or should they?

Anyway – what stuff has tickled my fancy this month?

How hub pages and internal links are paying off for Mail Online by Graham Charlton (@gcharlton)

In what has become a bit of series in which Graham looks at the use of hubs in SEO across various sites using the impressive looking Pi Datametrics suite (hint hint). You may want to go back to the early days and check out this article – you can see how back then the Mail didn’t have an internal link and hub strategy and then get up to date with the article above to see what can happened. Technical SEO. It works ya know.

6 Lessons from Studying 230 Interactive Infographics by Danny Ashton (@dannyashton)

Solid look at some lessons from studying 230 infographics . You probably got that form the title. The accompanying spread sheet is handy as well for seeing some of the successes and those that, well. You know.

In other news I like the way that Distilled presented this, feasted my eyes over these, bookmarked these and it was good see some stuff from AJ again.

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