What Boom Have Been Reading: January 2014 Edition

I don’t know about you, but January has absolutely flown by at Boom HQ. We’re settling in nicely in our new offices and the newly appointed “sharing table” has been continuously filled with goodies (from James’ homemade sushi, to an amazing cake for Ian’s birthday, and LOADS of sweets) to keep the January blues at bay. When we’ve not been stuffing our faces, we’ve been busy getting lots of cool new things in to production and, of course, reading a lot! So, without further ado, here are the Boom team’s pick of the best articles they’ve read this month:

From Alex:

Can You Get Bored Of Twitter? by Azeem Azhar (@azeem)

This article is a great example of how it is nearly impossible to get bored of Twitter. It talks about how even if the people you follow aren’t providing you with entertainment, then its power to reach out to news stories and events across the world through retweets and hashtags means you constantly get a new flow of information. He gives the example of the latest Bieber scandal and that even if you don’t follow anyone who is talking about the Bieber story (unlikely) then someone is either bound to retweet something related or you will see a hashtag that is instantly giving live updates. Ultimately, Twitter is a mishmash of peoples interests and therefore you get a shared but unique stream of tweets from a variety of people. How could you ever get bored?

From Alison:

7 Alerts to Monitor your SEO Process Opportunities & Issues by Aleyda Solis (@aleyda)

I loved this post by Aleyda with its seriously helpful advice for monitoring issues and opportunities that may arise for your clients. With a large number of sites, it can be difficult to keep tabs on everything but these very handy alerts will pop up when something needs your urgent attention, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if something important happens you’ll be the first to know!

Reactive Link Building by Ross Tavendale (@rtavs)

Linked to my first choice, this great post from Ross Tavendale looks at web monitoring and the link building opportunities that can arise off the back of this. There’s plenty of solid advice and useful tools to help you keep track of timely link building possibilities.

From Amy Elliott:

Top 20 Ad Copy Tests for Improved PPC Performance by Kayla Kurtz (@one800kayla)

I’m still relatively new to PPC and being someone that learns through following lists and processes, articles like this help! This is an older article but it’s a nice, simple list to refer back to if you’re stuck for ideas for new ad copy.

From Amy Fowler:

21 SEO Techniques You Can Use Today to Get More Search Engine Traffic by Brian Dean (@Backlinko)

Loads of original (or at least they were new to me!) and genuinely awesome tricks and ideas; a must-read for every SEO, and one to bookmark too.

From Ian:

Bloggers and PRs: The 10 Commandments by Ben Davis (@herrhuld)

Great tips on outreach from a professional blogger/writer, essential for SEO in the post-guest-post world! I think most people will find at least one of these commandments is something they haven’t considered before.

From James:

OMG Posters (@Postersandtoys)

This place constantly reminds me that great screen printed posters will always be so much cooler than I will ever be.

From Justine:

Technical Site Audit Checklist by Geoff Kenyon (@geoffkenyon)

This really helped me to understand all the factors which contribute to both search ranking and usability and what you should be looking for when a new client first comes on board in terms of the current state of their website. Great for a beginner trying to master the more technical aspects of SEO!

From Katie:

AdWords Quality Score Tracker Version 2.0 – Now with Labels by Martin Roettgerding (@bloomarty)

This isn’t a new – or even new to me – post, but Martin Roettgerding’s script to track AdWords Quality Score really is incredibly useful and easy to implement. When I was pulling together this post on how non-technical folk can get to grips with scripts this month, I went back to this post both because it was my introduction to scripts and because even a year on it’s still awesome.

From Lauren:

10 Actionable Google Analytics Tips by Daniel Waisberg (@danielwaisberg)

This post from Daniel Waisberg grabbed my attention this month. Not only does it appeal to my love of embedding things (all of the tips are embedded from his Google+ ‘Tip of the Week’ posts – smart for a number of reasons) but, as the title suggests, all of these tips are easily put in place. Whether they’re helping you to keep an eye on your 404 pages, planning your content strategy, or plotting multiple rows on your charts – you’re bound to find something that will make your life/job easier!

From Rebecca:

SEO Strategy Case Study: #1 Ranking With Guestographics by Brian Dean (@Backlinko)

This guide has some fantastic pointers for conducting successful outreach with a piece of content (such as an infographic) and it even has useful examples you can follow.

From Wayne:

Voice Search: Strings Not Things by Dan Shure (@dan_shure)

Its not very often that I share things more than once (apart from my own posts because I’m a rampant egotist) but this post by Dan Shure about voice search I shared twice! An incredibly detailed well researched post that covered a topic that hasn’t received that much attention.

I also liked this post form Sean Revell a lot (http://01100111011001010110010101101011.co.uk/2014/01/simple-things-you-probably-forget-during-outreach/) and John Henry Scherck shared this pretty nifty tool (http://sepans.com/wikistalker/).

Just for fun…

Grey days and drizzle got you down? Take five and check these out, they’re sure to put a smile on your face:

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Happy Friday everyone!
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