What Boom Have Been Reading February 2017 Edition

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February has been a busy month at Boom, and you might notice a few new names appearing in this month’s round up! We’d like to welcome Chelsea & David to the team, you’ll be able to find out more about them in their welcome posts coming up over the next few weeks.

What’s more, we’re gearing up for tomorrow’s Drink Digital (6pm, Thurs 2nd March, Suede Bar Nottingham). It’s a chance to network with like-minded digital marketers, eat some pizza and listen to some useful presentations. We’d love to see you there, so don’t forget to RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Drink-Digital-Marketing-Meetup/events/237518605/

Of course, we’ve been keeping on top of the latest digital marketing news and articles so why not have a sit-down and take a few minutes to browse through some of our favourite recent articles?

Ian Lockwood

Ian Lockwood


How long does it take to rank in Google?

by Tim Soulo (@timsoulo) An interesting case study from AHrefs of how long it takes sites to rank in Google organic search. Conclusion? 2-6 months, depending on a variety of factors, with a high Domain Rating playing a significant part. This is a useful study just to underline how long SEO really does take!

The Difference-Making Local Ranking Factor of 2020

by David Mihm (@davidmihm) David Mihm makes some good points about the ranking factors Google is likely to use in local search, particularly the potential for signals around local users searching/browsing habits, the use of maps for directions to businesses, voice search and other inputs beyond links and citations. This could well be the future!

Wayne Barker

Director of Online Marketing

Moving to HTTPS: Tips for Success

by Aleyda Solis (@aleyda) A handy little guide to moving to HTTPS from Aleyda – in the form of a slideshare so it’s easy to digest. At Boom we see a number of developers miss out essential steps in a move to secure (which for obvious reasons is happening more and more). This slideshare added a couple of new points to the process we have in place.

SEO: The Best Aren’t Always Transparent

by Eli Overbey (@elioverbey) This was an interesting read – and good to see people digging further down than the obvious figureheads in the industry that haven’t touched more than one site in the last 3 years. Think like the big boys and keep your cards close to your chest 😉

Making Google Data Studio Free for Everyone

by er Google Yay – free stuff (probably because nobody was going to use on the old free version). Also they just added Google Search Console as a connector. This should make reporting easier for a whole bunch of people.

Introducing Trello for Google Slides

by Brian Cervino (@briancervino) This is a nifty little new power up for Trello. You may need to format your cards in advance rather than the hit and go scenario that these guys present but I can definitely see this working in the right place and time.

Multiselect for Trello

by Federico Martinez (@famfedeveloper) Er, wow. Why didn’t I know about this before? THIS. SAVES. SO. MUCH. TIME. We use trello for a bunch of stuff. Adding multiple things to multiple cards can be tough. Not any more.


More details here: https://multiselectfortrello.wordpress.com/

James Tormey’s Superb Raymond Chandler Covers For Penguin

by Paul Gorman (@PJGorman) Moving away from tool and SEO stuff there were a few things that excited more on the visual front. These are so beautiful! And….

Aphex Twin Logo Designer Paul Nicholson Shares The Blueprints For His Iconic Work

by Claire Lobenfeld (@clairevlo) …wow. For anyone who is a music fan this few glimpses into the blueprints for an iconic logo were a treat!

James Walsh

James Walsh

Head of Production

What is the Critical Rendering Path? – an In-Depth Guide

by Patrick Sexton (@patricksexton) “Make the website faster” is a common request from clients, and increasingly, from your SEO specialist too.

It’s easy to score some good speed gains with the usual stuff like minifying and compressing  images and JS/CSS/HTML, but how do you go beyond this? Anyone who’s used pagespeed insights knows all too well the lingering spectre of render-blocking content that’s considered “above the fold” (apparently we’re still saying that in 2017).

This guide from Patrick Sexton for Varvy.com (they have great stools on there, check them out) clears some of the mist about how and why this actually occurs, and to an extend, what you can do about it.

At the very least – it sets you off down the right path.

Lauren Roitman

Digital Marketing Client Manager

How to Become an Insanely Good Writer, According to Stephen King

by Elle Kaplan (@ellekaplan) Writing is one of the things that I enjoy the most, but when faced with a lot of writing tasks I can often get stuck in a rut. These tips curated by Elle just reiterate some of the rules that I already impose on myself; take a break, avoid jargon, and when inspiration strikes run with and don’t stop until you have to.

The 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New

by Kristyna Z (@kristynazdot) Learn something new! Kristyna’s round-up of websites where you can learn a new skill covers everything from online college and university courses to coding, data mining, languages, and general knowledge. Some are free, some are paid; take your pick.

The Navy SEAL Breathing Technique

by John Turner I’ve shared this a few times since I discovered it. Navy SEAL tactical breathing can help to calm you down, re-focus, and de-stress. The little animation makes it easy to keep time.

Claire Brain

Digital Marketing Client Manager

What’s been going on with Google’s mobile indexing?

by Rebecca Sentence An interesting analysis into some strange mobile search results, which could suggest Google are testing their mobile-first indexing ready for roll-out.

What is Google’s Penguin Algorithm, Really? [RESEARCH]

by Roger Montti A detailed look at how the Penguin algorithm might actually work. Roger analyses what Penguin is and what it isn’t, based on the best clues we have. A useful read.

Luke Jordan

Digital Marketing Client Manager

Google Ranking Factors 2017

by Sistrix (@sistrix) I’m not sharing this so much for the content or what you can learn from it – although there is lots of useful information inside that many people would find useful. The reason I’ve picked this is because I really like the format – it is effective, sharable (great egobait) and is also fairly easy to replicate. It’s good to see people trying things a little different in an industry where it’s tough to talk about new things on a regular basis.

Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet

by Buster Benson (@buster) This was another interesting post I read recently. It’s one to read and digest yourself if you are a marketer – so go do that.

Guide to Matched Betting

by me Ok, so this isn’t a post, it’s a project that I’ve been working on in my spare time for the past year and a bit. Whilst it’s not the nicest looking site in the world, I’m certainly proud of the results – and these results have been helped massively by my time at Boom. It is with a heavy heart that I leave the company this month to give my matched betting project the attention it now requires, along with launching some new sites too.

Thanks to Boom and their policy of always keeping employees learning new things, I have developed some technical skills in areas that were all foreign to me previously. I knew how to write content, but I certainly didn’t have the skills to get things I created in front of thousands of eyes each month. If all companies were to operate with the same ‘leadership, not management’ style that Boom use then there wouldn’t be too many unhappy workers in the world. Like Richard Branson once said, “if you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

Rhea Walker


A 3-Step Guide to Media and Influencer Outreach Targeting

by Ashley Carlisle (@ashleyecarlisle) This month, I’ve been doing a little bit of work in Buzzstream which lead me to come across their blog. Outreach has always got me interested and this post explained a lot of the basic steps to great outreach. Worth a read.

Chris Dennis

PPC Account Manager

How to write PPC text ads in 2017’s sophisticated environment

by Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) The sophistication and complexity of AdWords continues to grow, with an ever greater range of ad extensions and device and demographic targeting options. This useful post details some ways our approach to ad copy writing might need to be updated, too.

Amy Hunt

Digital Marketing Executive

Why Your Business Can’t Ignore Dark Social

A really interesting read from Sydney into how non-traceable social media sharing on platforms such as WhatsApp and one-to-one email can impact a business. She also talks about what can be done to optimise content to increase engagement and how to make it easier for your audience to share via these platforms. by Sydney Parker (@carnivalosouls)

Nine Ways to Get New Mileage From Worn Out Content

By John Jantsch (@ducttape) John Jantsch explores the different ways that old content can be revitalised and how to get that content into the hands of more people. With some interesting insights on where this has been done before and the results that were garnered from it, it’s a useful piece for anyone limited by time and/or a finite marketing budget.

Amy Fowler

Digital Marketing Client Manager

How to Create Content That Keeps Earning Links (Even After You Stop Promoting It)

by Kerry Jones Food for thought if you’re guilty of creating content, promoting content, getting some links, and then stopping, alongside lots of great ideas for creating content that keeps getting links long after outreach ends.

Adam Dennis

Adam Dennis

Senior Developer

Serious Bug Exposes Sensitive Data From Millions Sites Sitting Behind CloudFlare

by Swati Khandelwal If you’re even slightly aware of the happenings in the world recently, you’ll probably have heard about the “Heartbleed” bug that allowed hackers to access millions of users secure data in late 2014.

This new bug, nicknamed “Cloudbleed”, after the eponymous Heartbleed bug, allows malicious users to access encrypted data sent to and from the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network.

Chelsea Potter

Digital Marketing Client Manager

19 words and phrases to weed out of your marketing copy

by Dan Brotzel (@danbrotzel) An interesting look at some of the common phrases businesses use in their digital content to engage with the user, yet are probably having the opposite effect. Dan explains why these generic messages are no longer working and how brands should change how they communicate.

How We Increased Our Email Response Rate from ~8% to 34%

by Sean Martin (@STarkMad3) Sean’s case study about how he managed to increase his email response rate has some good takeaways and considerations. We’ve seen first hand how some of these factors help improve response rate so if you’re struggling with outreach, this is a good post to read.  

David Allsop

Web Developer

Website Personalization Made Easy

by Duda (@dudamobile) During my previous employment I was tasked with integrating multiple personalized content campaigns for a large scale B2B eCommerce website built on the SAP Hybris platform.


This was acheived using the SAP Hybris Advanced Personalization module ( see use case examples at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sap-hybris-commerce-advance-personalization-use-cases-tarangg-goel ).


As I am a WordPress/WooCommerce developer I have been searching for a plugin which offers similar functionality for quite a while.


The closest I can find is the “inSite by Duda: Personalization Made Easy” for WordPress plugin ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/insite-for-wp-personalization-made-easy/ ) which includes some good base functionality. You can see some basic personalization examples on the Duda website ( https://www.dudamobile.com/website-personalization ).


I have also uncovered the following related plugins:

Monoloop Experience Builder ( https://www.monoloop.com/wordpress/ )

Engage for WordPress ( https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/evergage/ ) based on Evergage ( https://www.evergage.com ).

The Marketing Automation Plugin ( https://wpmktgengine.com/ )

The WordPress VIP section for Predictive Marketing ( https://vip.wordpress.com/documentation/vip/personalization/#predictive-marketing ) lists Sailthru ( https://www.sailthru.com/ ) as a leader in personalized marketing and claims their WordPress plugin ( https://getstarted.sailthru.com/integrations/wordpress/wordpress-plugin/ ) makes it easy to provide personalized content.


The ‘How to Bring More Interactivity and Content Personalization to Your WordPress Site’ post by Elegant Themes back in 2015 (https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/how-to-bring-more-interactivity-content-personalization-to-your-wordpress-site) highlights various WordPress plugins which offer personalized marketing techniques – however I am sure using a number of these in tandom would be difficult to manage and integrate into a personalized marketing plan. Therefore I think there is space in the WordPress marketplace for a do all, user friendly, easy to manage personalized content plugin for both WordPress and WooCommerce.

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