What Boom Have Been Reading: February 2016 Edition

This month Google challenged us digital marketers once again by announcing the removal of ads on the right side of desktop search results. Read on for more details, as well as some helpful tools and guides to keep you on top of your game whether you’re in design, PPC, SEO or social.

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Google kills Right Hand Side Ads: what does this mean for marketers and users? by Christopher Ratcliff

This month’s big news.

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How To Do Successful Link Building On A Startup Budget by Jacob Plumb

This comprehensive piece grabbed my attention, covering all the aspects of link building using creative content whilst working to a budget. There are some really helpful tips in here, starting from basics on coming up with ideas that will actually work to how to execute those ideas well and help them achieve maximum potential. A great read!

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Fancy a new job?

How about: “Human Organ Designer”, or maybe “Chief Drone Experience Designer”.
Looks like it’s time to get tailoring that LinkedIn profile…

Designers at Google, Microsoft, Autodesk, Ideo, Artefact, Teague, Lunar, Huge, New Deal, and fuse project predict 18 new design jobs on FastCo:

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4 Examples of an Evergreen Facebook Campaign Trigger by Jon Loomer (@JonLoomer)

I know the big news of the month is AdWords removing sidebar ads, but as I’m sure PPC peeps have already read everything there is to know, I’ll focus on something else. I loved this post from Jon Loomer on putting together an evergreen Facebook campaign. A typical Facebook campaign might require regular refreshing of audiences and creative to keep it delivering good results, here Jon suggests another (smarter) way.

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The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Adventure by Richard Baxter (@richardbaxter)

This short guide looks at Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), what it is and how you can implement it. A reasonably simple method to getting your website pages to load faster on mobile, which could/should be great for the user experience.

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Anything for a simple life, this month I’ve found some tools that will hopefully make my job easier, directly or indirectly.

1. Adsvise http://www.adsvise.com/  All the ad sizes, regularly updated. Bookmark it. 

2. Snappa https://snappa.io/  Great for encouraging account managers to do some little design bits and bobs. 5 minute jobs suck! Sign up.
3. Responsive Images http://www.responsivebreakpoints.com/  you just can’t get away with the same image across all formats anymore.Use it.
4. Flexbox, sorted http://codepen.io/enxaneta/details/adLPwv Great for getting your head around flex box. Keep it handy.
5. Pretty CSS Filters http://www.cssfilters.co/  Cause it’s pretty. Have a play.

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This month I’m sure everyone, including myself has been reading about Google removing sidebar ads from Google search shortly. CPC’s and positioning are likely to be affected as a result, as competition will be higher for the top spot.

AdWords new feature campaign drafts and experiments  was also interesting, I’m looking forward to experimenting with potential campaign changes to see what the results could be like in the future, this will save client’s money in particular if tests are not successful.

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….and still we await the great SEO God that is The Penguin. Meanwhile here is the stuff you should read:

How To Increase Website Traffic By 250,000 Monthly Visitors by Ross Hudgens (@RossHudgens)

So this is the best thing I have read in a while. It looks at how to layer different tactics on top of each other to have a solid impact on traffic for your sites. Don’t get Ross wrong –this isn’t easy to implement – and that’s the rub.

The SEOs Guide To Excel by Acquity Training (@AcuityTraining)

A great introduction into some of the excel skills that make an SEO’s life that little bit easier. Nice tutorials and plenty of screen shots. A winner.

Research Proves Positive Effects Of Outgoing Links by Shai Aharony (@Rebootonline)

I wouldn’t say it proved it but that doesn’t matter, an interesting experiment and it is good to see that people are out there trying to get more detail on how things actually work. Has nice visuals as well.

You might want to also dig into The Losers 2015 in UK: 100 domains with the highest loss in Google visibility, this review of Dareboost, Data visualization: 14 jaw-dropping examples, an analysis (sort of) the HTTPS settings of 10,000 domains and how it affects their SEO and how to use Google Analytics to track Googlebot.

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