What Boom Have Been Reading: December 2013 Edition

We hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas! It’s been another busy month for Boom as we settle into our brand new offices. We found time for plenty of festive fun though:

Festive fun

and lots of reading too. So before you start preparing for tonight’s New Year’s Eve festivities, why not settle down to enjoy some of our favourite reads from December:

From Alex:

Ron Burgundy’s Durango Campaign Helps Dodge Laugh All the Way to the Bank by Michael McCarthy (@MMcCarthyREV)

This article explores the way in which the car company Dodge have used Anchorman character, Ron Burgundy, in its advertising campaign for its new car Durango. It asks, with so many companies and people using the character for whatever reason, are we becoming sick of Ron Burgundy? And this article answers unequivocally, no. No we are defiantly not sick of our wonderful scotch drinking, flute playing hero, and the proof is in the pudding with traffic up 80% on the Durango site and  a massive 36% increase in sales over the previous year. So in short, using Anchorman & Ron Burgundy = WIN.

From Alison:

10 Things Small Businesses Can Learn From Top eCommerce Sites by Wingify (@wingify)

My pick of the month is this post from Visual Website Optimiser which looks at great conversion techniques used by some of the biggest brands and how smaller sites can execute them on a limited budget. It’s a great way to show that you don’t always have to spend big bucks to give your visitors a great user experience.

From Amy Elliott:

The 11 Scientific Reasons Why We Share Things by Danny Ashton (@neomammalian)

I’ve mentioned before that I like the psychological side of what we do, and this article looks into some of the scientific reasons that we share things. It’s an interesting read and some points are definitely worth keeping in mind when trying to come up with new content ideas.

From Amy Fowler:

The Most Unforgettable Ad Campaigns Of 2013 via Forbes (@Forbes)

While it’s great fun to read round-ups of the biggest marketing fails, it’s probably more productive to look at examples of marketing when it goes right.  This is a well-written round-up of 10 successful marketing campaigns from 2013.

From Ian:

Beware Of SEO Truthiness by Peter Da Vanzo (@peterdavanzo)

This is a brief post that points out the simple fact of SEO: it’s very difficult to prove exactly what works and sometimes, it’s things you’re advised don’t work or that you shouldn’t do. The key is (a) to test and see for yourself if possible and (b) assess all the factors – is ranking in the near future more important than ranking next year? If so, the more “dubious” end of the link building spectrum might be your best bet; just don’t expect it to work forever.

From James:

PlayStation 4 Review by Polygon (@polygon)

Polygon’s review page for the PS4 – and also their Xbox one review are a showcase of how best to use new techniques in web design. A simple, responsive, logical layout that uses all the latest web design bells and whistles in a necessary, beautiful way.  Sites like this blur the line between content and template as much as they blur the line between blog and magazine.

From Justine:

5 Social Media Predictions For 2014 by Lauren Riley (@laurenxriley)

It’s always good to stay ahead of the game, and Lauren’s article makes some interesting predictions! For example, what will come after Facebook when it dies?

From Katie:

4 Ways to Determine Your Your New Account’s Starting Bids by Brad Geddes (@bgtheory)

If you’ve ever wondered the best way to decide what bid to set on brand new keywords, Brad Geddes outlines different approaches along with the pros and cons of each one.

From Lauren:

Mission ImposSERPble 2: User Intent and Click Through Rates  by Andrew Martineau (@CatalystSEM)

This post is a follow up from Slingshot SEO’s 2011 post (https://moz.com/blog/mission-imposserpble-establishing-clickthrough-rates). It raises some really interesting points for example, having the most compelling listing in the SERPs could be more important than ranking #1! It’s packed full of stats and I’d really recommend giving it a read.

From Rebecca:

Why I Stopped Following My Favourite Brand On Social Media by Shell Robshaw-Bryan (@SocialCheshire)

This article was great example of where a company has failed to use social media to update and interact with its customers properly. It also emphasises how easy it can be for an online competition to go wrong and backfire if it’s not closely monitored and well managed.

From Wayne:

Content Marketing In Boring Industries by Ross Hudgens (@RossHudgens)

Originally a webinar on Moz by Ross Hudgens (not up at the time of writing – https://moz.com/webinars – you just need a free account to watch). These slides cut through the crap and get to the heart of the matter – a lot of our clients aren’t Coca Cola or Red Bull. How do you make content for them (ignoring great or quality here, it should be your default by now)? Full of actionable tips that anyone can use if they have the drive, passion and chops. Based around three simple concepts of Strategy, Development and Promotion you should be able to walk away with this with a brain that is buzzing with possibilities.


Last but not least a little bit of fun from Joel Klettke, quite possibly the funniest out of office reply we’ve ever seen!

Out of office


Thanks for reading, we wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you again in 2014!

Happy New Year

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