What Boom Have Been Reading: August 2016 Edition

There’s never a quiet month in digital marketing, so make sure you stay up to date. Here are Boom’s favourite reads from across the web, covering Google’s big changes, as well as web design trends and some interesting thoughts on innovation and ideas.

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Google’s Future is in the Cards by Dr. Pete (@dr_pete)

Dr. Pete looks at how Google is slowly but surely making big changes to the content and appearance of its SERPs and contemplates what this means for search.

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Advanced Google Shopping: Is price a proxy for Quality Score in product ads? by Andreas Reiffen

Some interesting evidence that with Shopping ads, people most frequently click on the cheapest ad, but go on to buy a different (higher margin?) product.  

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How A Google Analytics Change May be Skewing Your View Of SEO’s Value by Janet Driscoll

A helpful overview of how things have changed since the upgrade to Universal Analytics, and how this might affect your measurements for SEO success.

 80 Ideas To Improve Your Content Marketing by Ann Gynn (@anngynn)

Some quick and simple expert tips to give you insight. 80 might seem overwhelming, so they’re also categorised to help you find the area you need help with the most.

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Introducing the Google “SERP App” and why you should care by Jon Henshaw (@RavenJon)

Sneaking a late entry that’s actually from September in here, this is an interesting example of how Google is redesigning its mobile search results interface to keep you on Google longer, i.e. you never have to leave to get your answer. Bad news for anyone who benefits from search traffic looking for information (rather than a straight commercial search looking for a service provider or retailer), but really just another step in the same direction that has already brought us things like the Knowledge Graph, the local business pack etc.

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17 web design trends for 2016 by Jeff Cardello (@JCardello)

Neat article from last month having a look at the web design trends that are arising through 2016. If only number 3 were a constant reality!

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Reddit Content Hacking by me (@LJordanOnline)

Am I allowed to share my own posts in this? Well, I have. It’s probably average. You might enjoy it. You might not. It depends how much you value the next 5 minutes of your life and how much you love getting easy links.

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Doing Away with Bad Design Ideas and Moving on to the Good Ones by Addison Duvall 

We’ve all had bad ideas, but it’s important to know when to let them go, and when you’re done trying to be original, remember there’s nothing new under the sun… including this awful, awful toaster…

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Innovate Anything From Scratch by James Clear (@james_clear)

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Link Building At The Speed Of Natural – Examples Of Natural Link Building by Eric Ward (@ericward) 

I’m always happy when the grandaddy of links takes the time to write something new (even if it is an update of an old article). Eric takes a look at what can and can’t and should and shouldn’t be described as a natural link and how the whole things is one quite confusing muddling muddy old mess.

Thematic Modeling Using Related Words in Documents and Anchor Text by Bill Slawski (@bill_slawski)  

I’m always happy when the grandaddy of SEO patents takes the time to write something new (!! see what I did? Brilliant). It also took me back to the great post by Justin Briggs (you don’t write enough anymore) on phrased based indexing.

Music To Die For: How Genre Affects Popular Musicians’ Life Expectancy by Dianna Theadora Kenny (@dianna_kenny)

What it says on the tin. I always enjoy a little data dive

Also – out of interest I had a good dig around in some types of cognitive bias enjoy “the IKEA effect” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IKEA_effect) and “not invented here” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_invented_here)

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