What Boom Have Been Reading: August 2015 Edition

The weather is starting to chill off so it’s time to get cosy with a good cuppa and enjoy some reading! During August we’ve heard about Google’s restructure and new logo, seen the Google autocomplete API restricted and heard some answers about Panda 4.2.  As usual we’ve been busy seeking out some gems to bring to you, so take a look through our favourite design, PPC, SEO and content articles from across the web…

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User Behaviour Data as a Ranking Signal by Dan Petrovic (@dejanseo)

Awesome insights into how search engines analyse and use user behaviour as a ranking signal. It’s a little long, and dotted throughout are plenty of links to related articles that you’ll probably want to check out too, so if you’re busy, bookmark it and come back later.

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Why Tom Cruise Should Be Your Content Strategist [Infographic] by Katie L Fetting (@katielfetting)

This is brilliant. Useful and entertaining… perfect content marketing.

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Your Email Marketing May Impact Your Rankings by Dave Davies (@beanstalkim)

Email Marketing As A Ranking Factor?

Okay, maybe not today. But Dave Davies explores the possibility that email spam could be used as a reliability signal. And why not? It’s another way to filter companies that follow ethical and acceptable marketing practices from those who don’t. As someone with a big interest in email marketing and SEO, I found this an intriguing concept. Will it become a reality?

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Responsive Upscaling: 11 Ideas for Large-Screen E-Commerce Design by Jamie Appleseed (@jamieappleseed)

This article sets the case for responsive design by flipping popular thinking on it’s head and considering improvements for *larger* screens, rather than just mobile devices, especially in e-commerce sites.

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This New Image Recognition Tool will Change How Brands Use Social Media by Neil Scott

The power of image identification is both scary and fascinating. I can imagine a world in which such tools see brands commenting every time you take a photo with their brand in it somewhere.

On one hand it’s an excellent tool to get brands closer to their audiences, on the other it’s a tool which could see brands intruding on your personal digital space.

Also, some great editorial illustrations here.

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8 Essential Tools to Simplify SEO for Content Marketing by Kristi Hines (@kikolani)

This article from Search Engine Watch highlights some cool tools that you can use to help you when creating content.

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The Essential In-Depth Overview Of PPC Bid Management by Frederick Vallaeys (@siliconvallaeys)

I’ve just returned to work after maternity leave and had a year’s worth of PPC changes to catch up on. In the sea of cool new features to discover, interface updates to get used to and general cool stuff to read this post stood out. The theory about approaches to bid management was really helpful for me as someone returning to PPC ready to up my game.

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The Guide to Ecommerce SEO by Geoff Kenyon (@geoffkenyon)

This little (and by little, I mean 53-page) gem is a must-read for everyone and anyone who wants to grow their ecommerce business. It’s a seriously comprehensive guide packed to the brim with actionable recommendations based on Geoff’s own experiences.

It covers everything from keyword research to duplicate content issues, mobile to link-building. I’d highly recommend downloading the PDF version and giving it a thorough read from start to finish. No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, you’ll discover something you didn’t know before.

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Why I Believe in Rapidology & The Spirit of The GPL by Clay Collins (@ClayCollins)

I really liked this post from the co-founder of LeadPages, Clay Collins. I’m not saying I agree with what LeadPages have done (for the unaware: they’ve forked Elegant Themes paid plugin and are now offering it for free on the WordPress repository) but I’m not sure I disagree with it either.

What I found most interesting is not the post itself, but the idea of how this links back to Austin Kleon’s ‘Steal Like An Artist‘, something we may or may not use here at Boom, by taking – or stealing – an idea, and improving on it in a way that makes it almost unrecognisable from the original. No-one and no idea is unique. It’s all about improving and adapting what’s already in front of you.

Whilst LeadPages are yet to make any significant changes to the plugin, I’m sure this will all blow over in the way that it did when WooCommerce forked a competitor in the past, after they made vast improvements and introduced new features. LeadPages are promising the same, along with full-time support.

Whilst I feel for Elegant Themes, the more stuff we can get for free, the better. I look forward to them re-forking it once improvements have been made for them for free.

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Meet Minion Yellow by Pantone: the world’s first character-branded colour by Oliver Wainwright (@ollywainwright)

Just a short read this month, but one where the implications could be… interesting. As more and more companies become brand aware, picking your brand’s colour could soon become a tricky business. If your chosen colour ‘belongs’ to a big brand, the decision could prove costly! Seriously though? So it would appear…

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Book an Appointment Right from the Search Results with Google’s Latest Test by Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin)

This month I’ve been reading about Google’s current US testing of booking appointments online for local businesses, very interesting and definitely something to watch out for on Google UK in the future.

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There is no Perfect Keyword by Jacob Fairclough (@RealSecretJake)

Just because some keywords in your account give you a better return on investment doesn’t mean you should ignore the broader keywords that work hard for you too!! Chasing efficiency is part of my job, but growth and staying on top of trends is just as important for clients that want to stay ahead of the game. Stay objective and keep testing!
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Swapped Out: Losing A Google Featured Snippet [Case Study] by Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe)

Glenn is known for his deep dives on the Panda and Phantom updates and this is a great post in his usual in depth, no nonsense style. Well worth 10 minutes of your time.

The Beginner’s Guide To Ranking Videos On Youtube by Luke Harsel (@luke_harsel)

Beginners guide it may be – but don’t let you think that this doesn’t deal with the subject in depth. There aren’t many up to date guides on this topic so this was a nice surprise recently.

The Problem With Google’s Mission by Barry Adams (@badams)

If you fancy reading a bit of a rant from the last month then you can do no better than checking out Barry’s post on State of Digital. Barry digs deep on the role that Google plays in content creation on a wider level –  “‘Here comes Google’, it seems to say, ‘solving the whole world’s information problems!’ It is of course an American, capitalist, technology-driven company that is going to save the world and make it a Better PlaceTM.” – oh and if that isn’t enough he also went ranty about the Alphabet thing

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