What Boom Have Been Reading: August 2013 Edition

Another month, another Boom monthly round up. August has vanished super fast and has been particularly exciting for the Boom team – not only has the weather been gorgeous, but also we hired Bénédicte, Alex and we’re hiring again – if you are/know of an amazing graphic designer, send them our way!

A few of the guys couldn’t just pick one post this month, so you’ve got some bonus posts for your reading pleasure – enjoy!

From Ian:

11 things Boots can do to improve its conversion rates by Graham Charlton (@gcharlton)

A comprehensive overview of what’s wrong with local retail giant Boots’ website. Lots of solid points in here to improve conversion rates and usability – I particularly like the section on dealing with discount codes at the checkout stage. I bet charging customers for collecting in-store irks a few customers too!

From Amy F:

2 Million Backlinks and 15 SEO Answers from Google’s Matt Cutts by Glen (@ViperChill)

A brilliant insight into lots of things that are wrong with Google. Admittedly Glen acknowledges that constantly trying to get a search engine to show the best results when there are countless people trying to find ways to manipulate said search engine must be one of the hardest jobs in the world. But, I really enjoyed his summaries of Google’s Webmaster Help Channel videos, and just how unsure Cutts sounds of his own advice; i.e. Cutts fills us with confidence by using phrases like “I wouldn’t worry”, “probably”, “for my personal preference”, and “not top of our list to worry about”…

From Alison:

Calculating ROI from Social Media – Problems, Pitfalls & Breaking all the things… by Hannah Smith (@hannah_bo_banna)

Hannah takes a look at the problems with using ROI as a metric and how to calculate and appreciate the true value of your social media activity.

And because Ali couldn’t pick just one great post to share with you all, here’s another from her:

50+ More Things Every Link Builder Should Know by Julie Joyce (@juliejoyce)

Don’t get stung by poor quality links. Bookmark this seriously thorough guide full of absolute must-know information for every link builder.

From Amy E:

8 Tips To Conquer Content Marketing by Kevin Goldberg (@Kevin_Goldberg)

I love being creative and coming up with exciting new ideas for content, but to be successful at content marketing you need more than just a good idea. This article gives 8 quick tips on how to conquer content marketing. And just because I love campaigns like this, I want to sneak a second link in https://upstart.bizjournals.com/companies/media/2013/08/23/hunger-games-content-marketing.html.

From Lauren:

A Helpful Image Sizing Guide for Social Media Profiles by Chris Lake (@lakey)

One of my biggest bugbears are stretched, distorted, pixelated or warped images on social media profiles. There’s just no need! This infographic was brought to my attention by EConsultancy and will solve those picture problems forever (Or until one of the social media platforms changes again)…

From Gozde:

Six Career Beliefs That I Got Wrong by Amber Naslund (@AmberCadabra)

Great advice for anyone starting out their career.

From Wayne: 

Winning Strategies to Lose Money With Infographics by Aaron Wall (@aaronwall)

A great post by Aaron Wall over on SEOBook that looks at Google’s recent insistence that you include the rel=nofollow tag on content that you get placed on other sites. Aaron looks at the cost of producing the content that Google screams about at every opportunity and why nofollowing your links is a little bit daft. It seems that every time Cutts shouts up there is a wave of sites jumping to follow his advice to the letter – just look at this post about the reaction to Matt by the big online PR distribution sites. Aaron even put together an infographic about it (with “official legal rel=nofollow embed code”).

From Bénédicte:

22 more reasons why I’ll leave your website in 10 seconds by Chris Lake (@lakey)

This blog shows that small mistakes can make a huge difference in conversions. It can kill the visitor’s attention in seconds. The list is probably longer but this one sums it up well.

From Katie:

Real-World Example Of Advanced Filters in Excel by Annie Cushing (@AnnieCushing)

I spend a huge amount of my time working in Excel spreadsheets, so anything that helps me to make better use of them is a very good thing. Advanced filters or “regex for Excel” are totally new to me, and made this geek very happy. Anything Annie writes is practically guaranteed to impart some majorly helpful knowledge, so you won’t regret reading this.

From Ben:

What Does Google Mean By A Level Playing Field? by Shaun Anderson (@Hobo_Web)

Some really interesting thoughts on how Google is going about ranking sites at the moment, and whether or not it’s fair for Google to do it that way. Very thought provoking.

Have you guys read anything that we should check out? Let us know in the comments!

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