What Boom Have Been Reading: April 2016 Edition

Hopefully there’s a spring in your step as we make our way towards longer days and warmer weather. April brought us a little sunshine to enjoy, so maybe that’s what kept the penguin away! As we await the next update as well as the further move towards mobile friendliness, find out what the digital marketing world has to say. We’ve got some great reads to share on content marketing, technical SEO, the truth behind online news and great design. Enjoy!

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How Newsroom Pressure Is Letting Fake Stories On To the Web by Kevin Rawlinson

This is hardly groundbreaking information but it’s interesting to hear how prevalent the issue actually is. In short: don’t take anything you read online at face value – even if it’s been written by a respectable publication.

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AdWords New Google Shopping Product Status Column by Tara Johnson

It’d be more useful if it was available at Campaign / Ad Group level, but for now, here’s a decent guide to the new metrics available for Google Shopping this month.

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Should I 301 Redirect Old Product Pages to Existing Category Pages on Sites? by Shaun Anderson

An interesting and in-depth piece about how to deal with old product pages on Ecommerce sites. It’s always a challenge, and the right answer might be more complex than you expect…

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This month, for some reason, I have been overly bothered about election candidates in a country I don’t live in.

What sort of website does all that campaign trial dollar get you?
And whilst we’re at it, who’s got the best web font strategy?

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What 300+ Content Marketing Campaigns Taught Us About Earning Links by Kelsey Libert (@kelseylibert)

This is a really interesting post that looks at the psychology behind why some content does better than others. The results show that, by tapping into human emotion, you can make your content marketing campaigns much more successful.

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Authenticity vs. Beauty: Why you don’t need design like Apple by Mikael Cho (@mikaelcho)

I’m very much a substance over style sorta guy and I found myself nodding a lot whilst reading this article. Often the story is far more important than how something looks, with some great examples in email design, branding and a lot of popular culture references, all which make for a great read.
In short, your new brand doesn’t need to look like John Lewis, or Apple, embrace your identity. Enjoy.

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This month I’ve been reading about Google’s new changes for shopping campaigns, such as being able track Order ID’s  to avoid double conversion counting and the introduction of new product level columns for AdWords shopping campaigns, which will help make management easier in the future.

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Another month goes by without a Penguin update. We did hear about some unnatural outbound link manual actions going round – so be careful if your primary link building activity was undisclosed product reviews.

In other news some of favourite tools rolled out updates or new features.

Announcing The Screaming Frog Log File Analyser by Screaming Frog/Dan Sharp (@screamingfrog)

Log analysis seems to be making a bit of a comeback and the frog guys have made our lives that little bit easier.  You can read a review by Barry Adams here.

Introducing the BuzzStream Reporting Module by Paul May (@paulmay)

Buzzstream rolled out their nifty new reporting module. Very nice.

Why I Stopped Going to SEO Conferences and Go to SXSW Instead by Danny Ashton (@dannyashton)

Danny reminds us that you should get of your little SEO bubble and see/learn other stuff.

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