What Boom Have Been Reading: April 2014 Edition

I know I say this every month, but time really does fly and I really can’t believe we’re headed in to May already!

In April we welcomed Martin to the PPC team (keep an eye out for his welcome post which is coming soon), some of us were lucky enough to take a trip to BrightonSEO last week, and we all rejoiced as bank holidays made an appearance in our diaries once again.

By now you know the drill, so without further ado, here are our favourite reads from this month:

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More Than a Social Network: Facebook Aims to be the Source for Breaking News by Ellis Hamburger (@hamburger)

This article is all about Facebook’s continuing obsession to be more than ‘just a social network’. It talks about how Facebook has always been filled with ‘news’ of sorts but now it wants to shift the content of your news feed towards hard news with RSS-like news experiences. It has just announced ‘Newswire’ an official Facebook page, that aggregates all the best content on the site, it is designed to be like a ‘breaking news’ page and Facebook is using it so that it can continue its march towards domination by making people think of Facebook as a primary resource.

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How to Produce Better Content Ideas by Mark Johnstone (@epicgraph)

This guide to creating better content ideas by Distilled’s Head of Creative Mark Johnstone is absolutely brilliant. Built around the core concept of:

If your audience doesn’t care about what you have to say, you need to find something they do care about”

Mark discusses a range of ways to think more laterally about your brand and better understand the mindset of your customers in order to create content that really resonates with them. If you haven’t seen this already then go and take a look – I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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With Restrictions on Organic Social Media, it’s Time to Pay Attention to the Paid Kind by Jeff Quipp (@jquipp)

With more businesses now realising the potential of paid social, this blog post is a nice introduction for those thinking about trying it out.

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Why Content Goes Viral: What Analysing 100 Million Articles Taught Us by Noah Kagan (@noahkagan)

The people behind uber-helpful content marketing tool BuzzSumo have analysed the social share counts of (apparently) more than 100 million articles over the last 8 months; this post discusses the results and provides lots of useful answers to burning questions including whether long form or short form content gets more shares, what emotions content should try to evoke, and the optimum numbers of points you should include in list articles.

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Codecaemy – (@Codecademy)

Code academy is a brilliant place to learn coding languages at your own pace. You code right in the browser which gives you a great idea of how everything comes together. I learnt an awful lot on that site and it continues to stay relevant. If you’ve ever thought “I’m going to learn some HTML/JS/PHP” then stop being lazy and get to codecademy!

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Why 55% of Potential B2B Buyers Might Not Trust Your Website Content by Dianna Huff (@diannahuff)

This post by Dianna Huff combines data collected from KoMarketing Associates inaugural 2013 B2B Usability Report to shed some light on the trust issues that really matter to your potential clients. There are some really interesting statistics in this article (I was really surprised to see that 67% of respondents didn’t think that social media activity had an impact on the buyer’s decision making process). This will come in particularly useful as a starting point if you’re having to deal with conversion issues on a new or existing site.

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Why Analytics Should Drive Your Content Creation Cycle by Jim Yu (@jimyu)

This article is an interesting read that focuses on using data to help make informed decisions and predictions when it comes to creating content.

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This month I was introduced to a pretty cool new tool – urlprofiler – via Chris Dyson (by the time this post has gone out I will have probably upgraded my trial to a paid version).  It is pretty powerful stuff and Mr Dyson shows how you can use it to classify links here. A few days later Matt Beswick showed has to use it to find your competitors best content and (sort of) steal their links.

On the social front I really enjoyed this presentation by Mack Fogelson – Why Follower Count is Bullshit – I think you can guess from the title what it is about and I suggest you go and read the (short) post and great slides.

Talking slides you should check out some of the tools on this set of slides:

Going off-piste, check out what happens when you paint The Muppets as characters from Twin Peaks:



Is there anything that you’ve read that you think we should check out? We’d love to hear from you!

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