What Boom Have Been Reading: April 2013 Edition

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The team at Boom Online has grown considerably recently and I decided it was time to gather together what they have been reading and share it in a monthly round up.

In the interests of brevity team members were only allowed to choose one post that they read over the course of April (it didn’t matter whether it had been published this month or 10 years ago) and provide one sentence on why others should read it.

From Alison:

How to create the perfect outreach email by Gregory Ciotti (https://twitter.com/GregoryCiotti)

 A superb guide to writing emails for busy people and making sure they get read!

From Amy F:

Social Media Managers: What’s With All the Whining? By Barry Feldman (https://twitter.com/FeldmanCreative)

 It’s a post that whines about whining, but it’s nicely-written, honest, and very well observed.

And also by Barry: Social Media Is as Worthless as The Telephone

From the ‘Theater of the Absurd’ comes a play about how people mistakenly view social media as trivial. Funny, clever, and true.

From Amy E:

10 Risky Social Media Moves Real Brands Aren’t Afraid to Make by Corey Eridon (https://twitter.com/Corey_bos)

Some great examples of ways that companies can get brave with social media and improve their online presence as a result.

From Gozde:

David Ogilvy’s Copywriting Ritual

I found it fascinating to be able to read about a great man’s work ritual from himself, the preciseness of his style is admirable, great read for any copywriter & marketer.

From Katie:

How to Overcome Writer’s Block: Content-Creation Tips and Writing Prompts by Ann Handley (https://twitter.com/MarketingProfs) illustrated by Veronica_Jarski  (https://twitter.com/Veronica_Jarski)

The ideas for inspiring content may not be totally new, but the beautifully illustrated slides show prove that stealing like an artist is always a winning strategy.

From Lauren:

21 Definitions of Content Marketing by Heidi Cohen (https://twitter.com/heidicohen)

Heidi has collated 21 marketer’s definitions of what they believe ‘Content Marketing’ is. This post highlights the ever-changing nature of content marketing and how different people can interpret what it means to be involved with this kind of marketing.

From Wayne:

How to Structure a Link Building Campaign for Maximum Impact by Matt Gratt (https://twitter.com/mattgratt)

A great run down by Matt on how to leverage existing relationships and assets for kick starting a link building campaign – why didn’t this get more love?

Just because (or extras that people sent me):

Texting Your Parents About Drug Deals is Terrible (and Hilarious!) by Sam Laird (https://twitter.com/samcmlaird)

This post is hilarious and inappropriate at the same time. For me, it shows how big an influence Twitter has become in day to day life, and the power that a single tweet can generate.

Boring Brands Content Strategies by Patricia Redsicker (https://twitter.com/predsicker)

This blog by Patricia Redsicker is pure gold if you’re struggling to think of something exciting to say about your products or business. She lists five ways to get people talking about your brand – no matter how boring you think you are!

8 Reasons Why You Need to Establish Yourself as an Authority on Google+ by Jeff Sauer (https://twitter.com/jeffalytics)

Honestly, it’s made me wake up to the need for a Google+ strategy.


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