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I’m new to SEO. Before I started this job, I hadn’t a clue about the way search engines ranked sites when someone carried out a search and I didn’t realise how heavily based everything was on keywords and phrases. I didn’t even know keywords were used by search engines to determine where the page should rank at all.

In the 2 months that I’ve been working at Boom, I’ve learnt a lot about the way search engines and the internet works. I’ve spent days learning how SEO can help sites get more visitors and how the search engines deal with people that try to manipulate them the wrong way.

But I’ve still got a lot more to learn.

Some of the people who are reading this blog will only have a basic grasp on SEO, just like me. Therefore, Rob and the others have decided that every few weeks I’ll write a blog detailing and explaining what I’ve recently learned in an attempt to try and show others what’s involved in SEO from a beginner’s point of view.

You could imagine it as a sort of “Explanation of SEO for a Beginner, By a Beginner” type of blog series.

I think this is a brilliant idea. I’m really excited to learn more about SEO and the other aspects of this job, and I’m just as excited to write about it afterwards. I believe that this will not only help me better understand SEO but also help others that are starting to learn too.

So, to start, here are a few links to articles from the Boom blog that have helped me to start learning about SEO so far.

What is SEO?

This article worked as a great starting point for me. It explains how search engines work and how SEO helps your site to appear in them. It’s a fantastic article for anyone who wants to get a start on SEO and well worth a read.

Writing for the Web

This article is a good one for those considering writing articles with SEO. It explains how to write an article with good SEO but without over doing it and targeting directly at the search engines.

After all, the search engines know when you’re writing content directed at them and they penalise you for it, therefore it’s important to get it right.

On Page SEO for Beginners

This is another great article for understanding what exactly SEO is and why it helps your site. It’s also got another great explanation of how the search engines work, how on page optimisation helps raise your sites rank and more on the importance of keywords.

The Twilight Guide to SEO

As well as being a funny article, I recommend giving this article a read due to its explanation on the importance of using SEO and PPC, as well as offering some realities on the time an effective and genuine SEO campaign can take to get going.

There are plenty of other blogs on this article and the web that can also help, so I recommend having a look at some of them too.

As I said before, I’m looking forward to getting into this properly and writing about SEO from a beginners point of view, so check back in a few weeks for the next one.

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