Really Scientific Data From Searchlove 2012

So Searchlove 2012 was a roaring success, some great speakers, awesome content and we ended up meeting some great people. There have already been a number of blog post round ups from other people that are a lot smarter than me, check out a few of these:

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220 SEO tips and tactics from SearchLove 2012 by Laura McNamee

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Anyway, rather than produce another one of these kind of round up posts I though I would delve a little deeper. I thought that I would dig around to find something truly worthwhile to present from the conference –   something that is actionable, something that you can use over and over again.

With this in mind I spent the entire conference (when not dancing) collecting data that can help you move along in your digital career. So without further ado I present the completely made up data from Searchlove 2012 – I hope it helps us all become better at our jobs:

Methodology: All of the data was collected by myself using my noggin and a big machine that I point in the general direction of conferences. All of the data is 100 per cent true – I know this because I made it up myself. If you were wondering why you never got an invite to Searchlove 99 it was because it was held in a secret location with only one attendee – videos are available online – or are they? If you spot a mistake then I will stand by the fact that I am right and you are wrong.

If you collected any solid real made up data from the conference just let me know and we can add to this post.

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