Lucinda Martin

Lucinda Martin

Outreach & SEO Account Executive

Creative Content

I work to create content that shows off brands voices in a way people will see, and want to talk about.

Brand Storytelling

Every brand has a story that’s slightly different to anyone elses and I love finding that USP and helping showcase it. 

Market & Customer Research

You can’t create good content without knowing who you’re making it for. I will make sure messaging is relevant, accessible and engaging.

About Me

I moved to Nottingham to study English with Creative Writing at NTU. During university, I volunteered for a number of charities, participated in the Acceler8 Employability Scheme and worked in hospitality where I learned I can carry a stack of 30 glasses on a Saturday night if I really need to. 

Since graduating, I’ve primarily worked in content creation, brand storytelling and interviewed local artists for a feature in Nottingham’s iconic Left Lion. I’m a natural storyteller and have worked with wildly different brands from tech startups to specialist Trans-Siberian travel agencies to help them find their brand voice and share it with the world.

Outside of work I write folklore for a horror magazine, paint, get very emotionally invested in video games, and am probably as close to a certified tree-hugger as it gets.  

I’m most often found with a big cup of coffee and two cats trailing after me.

Skills & Experience

  • BA(Hons) English with Creative Writing
  • Branding
  • Content ideation
  • Proofing and editing 
  • Storytelling 
  • Market research
  • Long-form content 
  • Blogging