Hi, I’m Lorcan Fearon,

Digital Marketing Executive

at Boom.

Content Creation

My favourite part of the job, I love to write. I write a lot of blog posts and hub content for a range of different clients with varying tone of voice. I’m good at sticking to the brief and when it comes to content, I don’t like to cut corners - I want to create good, evergreen content to help your rankings.

On-Page Optimisation

My attention to detail helps in spotting little tweaks and adjustments that can be made to a page to try and boost rankings. I can help you identify which keywords to be targeting, conduct market research and then implement changes to boost your traffic and sales.

Social Media Marketing

Whilst at university, I grew the online presence of an enterprise, learning a lot about different social media platforms along the way. I have bought that experience into Boom, expanding on it whilst developing a keen interest in video content.

About me
My Experience

Having graduated from Loughborough University in the summer of 2017, I moved back from my hometown of Maidstone after having tasted freedom. I applied for a job at Boom based on my strengths of good communication and interpersonal skills and an interest in marketing that has been present since secondary school.

Joining in January 2018 for a six-week internship, I was trained in the ways of digital marketing and have taken a particularly keen interest in SEO, from the technical side of it to all its creative aspects. I was fortunate enough to be offered a permanent position here and am continuing to learn and grow in the role. I find myself enjoying pretty much all aspects of the work and feel like it definitely complements my skills and attributes.

My Interests

My biggest interest outside of work is definitely music. My favourite hobby is DJing which is what I do in my spare time. I co-run a music collective and DJ at events from Loughborough to Leicester to London and have been able to play on the same bill as the people who inspired me to get into it, which is amazing. Most weekends you’ll find me behind the wheels of steel listening to anything from jazz to hip hop to house. My favourite album of all time is Illmatic by Nas but ask me again on a different week and you might get a different answer!

Why I’m Qualified
My Credentials
  • BA Joint Hons History & English – Loughborough University
  • Distilled U – Further SEO

Why I’m Qualified
My Expertise
  • Content Creation
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Link Building
  • Copywriting