Hi, I’m Lewis Glen,

Digital Marketing Client Manager

at Boom.

Inbound Content

It's all well and good generating content that will get you views and clicks. But what is really important to you? Paying customers. Creative content is not only relevant to your business, it drives the sales pipeline. I strive to overload your sales team with good quality leads. This way, not only will you be recognised as leaders in your field, but you will have the sales to prove it.

Technical SEO

Issues that you know and issues that you don't. If the phone hasn't rang for months and you have a hunch that something is bringing your website traffic down; I can find out if there really is something stopping your website from achieving what it needs to by doing in-depth technical research.

On Page Optimisation

Why is the website not ranking? We're better than our competitors but they appear on page 1? Why is nobody getting in contact? If you're already nodding and sighing to these questions then you might have a few on page concerns that need fixing. With how fast-paced and ever-evolving the internet is today, you need to capture your audience in seconds and give them the best experience you can, that's where we come in.

Reporting and Explanation

Complete transparency is my best code of practice. You're here for expert advice from someone who can explain what you need to do and why, and I'm here to deliver it.

About me
My Experience

I started out in the digital world through university. Initially, my interest in digital marketing began when studying Psychology, I then moved into graphic design and my interest continued to grow. From there, I did a complete flip during my first job; a small agency, in a position that was advertised as administrator, I was able to dip my toes into every role that your typical agency has; SEO, content writing, design and coding.

With the experience I gained in my first role, I then had a short run as a Social Media Manager, before spending 3 years as an SEO Specialist, managing every client the company had! Due to my background, I like to implement psychology into my research, so learning all about my clients and what drives their clients to buy from them is extremely important to me – what makes us tick is what makes us click!

My Interests

If I could really describe myself, at first, it would be nerd supreme. Gaming is part of my everyday! Although, I can’t ignore having made it to county level in rugby. I’m not one for watching rugby, but if you’ve ever played a sport you have a passion for, then you know you can always amp yourself up to play again.

Apart from those big hitters, music and art are part of my interests. You’ll usually see me with headphones on like the guy in Baby Driver (Tinnitus included). I also spent 6 months at art college in California – not that you’d guess!

Lastly, if you’ve ever played D&D, then I can talk about that all day; I’m usually running a game every week!

Why I’m Qualified
My Credentials

  • 4 years digital marketing experience
  • Google accredited
  • Inbound Certified with Hubspot academy
  • Content Marketing certified with Hubspot academy
  • Social Digital course certification
  • Proven Organic traffic growth and MQL > SQL conversion rates

Why I’m Qualified
My Expertise

  • Content Management
  • Technical SEO
  • On Page SEO
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Inbound SEO
  • Outreach and Linkbuilding
  • Research
  • Competitor Analysis