Introducing Mr Boombastic!

Mr BoombasticWe’re delighted to introduce you all to our new mascot: Mr Boombastic.

He’s here to brighten the place up and help make things clearer when we’re explaining them. He’s also in charge of the guest blog posts we have from time to time.

You may also have noticed the graphics we’ve added to our Services pages, again to brighten things up and clarify some of the concepts behind what we do. Both Mr Boombastic and the services graphics were designed by the extremely talented Helen Foster Design.

We really did try to think of a better name for Mr Boombastic, but sadly as soon as it was suggested it stuck and we haven’t been able to shift it. A bit like a boxer dog that gets lumbered with the name Princess Pinkmuffin because your four year old daughter chose it.

Like us, you probably have the song stuck in your head now. Sorry.

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