What Boom Have Been Reading April 2018 Edition

So April has come and gone in a flash and we’ve eaten our weight in Easter eggs, got our geek on at Drink Digital with a cold adult beverage or two, and done lots of reading to keep our heads in the game. Knowledge is power they say, so we, the cool kids at Boom, have put together a special “oh-crap-how-are-we-already-five-months-into-the-year?” round up, especially for your reading pleasure.

Grab a cuppa and settle in for the digital marketing (and other stuff) ride of your life.


Wayne Barker

Director Of Online Marketing

Forget SEO. It’s all about the pretties this month:

Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars

by David McCandless (@infobeautiful)

If you have ever been in a Wikipedia edit war its fun. You can watch as someone removes your link (that you didn’t place) whilst another user fights to get it back in.

Who knew that Limp Bizkit still stirred up so much passion?

This is also a thing:


by Nathan Yau (@flowingdata)

I like maps and I like beer. I also like trips and I also like Flowing Data. Whilst its not up there with his best work I enjoyed the simplicity of this one.

by Pop Chart Labs (@PopChartLab)

I have always been a fan of Pop Chart Labs and this is a cool little poster – reminds me a lot of the work Distilled did with Podio.

by Paddy Moogan (@paddymoogan)

When Paddy talks about links, you listen. It’s been a while since I linked to anything on Moz – I miss their hit-and-miss days with the YouMoz content. Paddy touched on several things that are close to my hear (that big content is risky, that you shouldn’t tie it into special days of the year and combining as much as possible for outreach wins).


James Walsh

Head of Design

Since it’s the April Round Up – Lets see if anybody actually managed a decent April Fools gag in digital this year.

My personal favourite:

by seroundtable (@seroundtable)

Some doozies here, particularly the Zuckerberg baiting Snapchat filter:

by Chris Whites at BGR (@Chris_Whites)

And some lessons from history about why jumping on the April Fools bandwagon isn’t always the best marketing strategy, the Minions gif scandal from 2016 is a prime example:

by Mimi Launder for indy100 (@mimilaunder)


Lauren Roitman

Digital Marketing Client Manager

by Ali Mese (@meseali)

As you might know from my previous round-up contributions, I’m a huge fan of resource lists, and this one by Ali Mese is a corker. From design and writing resources, to sources for content ideas, image optimisation and productivity, there’s something for everyone!


Chelsea Berry

Digital Marketing Client Manager

by Michelle Foolen (@michellefoolen)

A brief experiment to see how Google reacted to longer meta descriptions.

by Ryan Cordell

A summary of communication theories and how you can use them to better your website’s microcopy and as a result, improve user experience. It can be easy to overlook messaging on a website but the examples in this article show you how even the smallest of details can bring great results.


Amy Fowler

Digital Marketing Client Manager

by Justin Briggs (@justinrbriggs)

A must-read (and probably the only thing you’ll ever need to read) for anyone who wants to learn how to improve rankings on their YouTube videos.


Cara May-Cole

Digital PR Specialist

by Janko Roettgers (@jank0)

In light of all of Facebook’s recent Cambridge Analytica controversy, this piece offers an incredibly insightful look into how the world’s largest social media site has navigated their communications strategies throughout the years, and how they have missed the mark.

Now that crisis control has set in for the company, we see how some of the less than astute communications management could have been a factor in the lead up to Zuckerberg’s Congressional hearing.

by Chris Matyszczyk (@Chris Matyszczyk)

Keeping with the Big Business PR disaster trend that’s been occurring this month, it’s now Starbucks turn to feel the heat. This piece gives a play by play blow of just how Starbucks handled the recent video emerging of two black men being arrested at one of their stores.

In such a tense racial climate, it raises a lot of good questions: why was their response so slow? Did the CEO’s statement ignore the glaringly obvious racial profiling? Most importantly, how will the chain recover?


Lindsay Ball-McQueen

Digital Designer

by Sharon Correa (@sharonmharris)

Don’t forget to move…  Sometimes we need instant feedback from our actions, even down to the clicking of a button or the effect of gravity or friction on something we’ve moved.  Here motion designers discuss the importance of motion in Digital/UX Design.


Amy Hunt

Digital Marketing Executive

by Michelle Robbins (@MichelleRobbins)

There’s a good chance that you’re aware of all the recent happenings with Facebook and the data protection controversy. But, you may not be 100% aware of exactly what’s happening, or of the part that Cambridge Analytica played in this debacle. Michelle has dug a little deeper to try and uncover what was going on behind the scenes as well as what we can expect in the aftermath. An interesting read.

by Dave Davies (@beanstalkim)

What IS topical authority and why should you care about it? Well Dave goes some way to explaining why it’s important, what it means for SEO and how to make your content work harder in search.

by Andrew Tate

I love free stuff.


Chris Dennis

PPC Account Manager

by Frederick Vallaeys (@silliconvallaeys)

With no keywords or ads, it can be hard to be sure what exactly to do with a Shopping-heavy account, beyond endlessly twiddling with bids. Here’s some ideas.


Peter Bingham

Digital Designer

by Tatjana B. (via @kolosekit)

Simple and straightforward guide to getting some style into your bullet points.

by Kevin Powell (@kevinmpowell)

Is stupid line-height adding stupid white space around your text and ruining your design? No worries – this simple guide (and this simple tool by @eightshapes) will make it all good again.

by Flavio Lamenza (@flaviolamenza)

And finally… some examples of the darker side of web/app design. Enjoy!


Lorcan Fearon

Junior Digital Marketing Executive

by Barry Adams (@badams)

Good, readable article about the importance of URLs and some more musings on the technical side of SEO. Addresses and challenges some pre-conceptions about URLs and PageRank among other things, and is backed up by detailed studies.


Adam Dennis

Web Developer

by Brian Jackson (@brianleejackson)

We all know that GDPR is coming, but what do you really need to do? And what impact can not doing it have on you and your business?


David Allsop

Web Developer

WooCommerce 3.4 is the second minor release this year and this article gives an overview of what’s new, including the tools and features added to help store owners become GDPR-compliant and deal with GDPR requests. There’s also GeoLite2 integration, which uses a location database during checkout to automatically select the customers country, multi-site dashboard widgets, template changes and more.


Helen Halfpenny

Digital Marketing Client Manager

by Brock Murray (@SEOBrock)

When you work in digital marketing you never stop learning. But that doesn’t necessarily just mean reading blog posts or taking courses! This post covers several different ways that you can gain digital marketing knowledge, experience and become an all-round better marketer.


Edwina Lambourdiere

PPC Account Manager

by Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin)

Noticed some new changes in the new Adwords interface? While the speed is not totally there yet, there are some new features like the notes that will make life easier, especially when more than one person works on an account!

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