Boom Welcomes their Newest Member of the Team

At Boom we’ve undergone a number of exciting changes in the last few months. Not only have we made the move to new, self-Ben Frisby Online Marketingcontained premises, but we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just welcomed a sixth member of the team.

Nineteen-year-old Ben Frisby was selected based upon his personal and professional attributes. Despite the fact that, upon receiving Ben’s CV, there was no set vacancy available, we were so impressed with what we saw that we felt compelled to invite Ben for an interview.

Ben boasts an abundance of skills relevant to the work we carry out at Boom, including qualifications in media, maths and ICT, and a distinction in script-writing.

After two meetings and the completion of a creative writing task, we knew that Ben would fuse perfectly into the team and offered him a position assisting the SEO department.

Considering the plans Boom have for 2012, we all felt that Ben’s skill set fit in perfectly.

This expansion has come only shortly after the completion of one of the most significant chapters in the Boom biography: our December move to new business premises.

Our decision to move offices transpired for two primary reasons. Not only was our previous office at maximum capacity, thus preventing us from expanding, but it was also an unsuitable environment for welcoming clients.

Our new office in Beeston boasts the capacity to welcome visitors properly, enabling us to extend an ‘open-door’ policy to all clients and potential clients.

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