Boom Welcomes New Digital Outreach and PR Specialist

Boom have decided to integrate their online and offline PR and have hired a Digital Outreach and PR Specialist. We’re very happy to welcome Nada Giuffrida to our ever growing team!

Nada has over 20 years’ experience in the PR, media relations and strategic client management work. She has worked for all types of PR & Communications offices, gaining a true ‘360 degrees’ career experience.

Nada started out her career path in a small PR & International press marketing agency, where she then left and joined a large PR department in a multi-national Plc. From there, Nada worked in a medium sized PR & Advertising agency in Nottinghamshire where she finally decided to run her own boutique PR consultancy, working with both national and international clients for nine years before stopping to go on maternity leave.

“To create an effective digital marketing campaign you need to have PR expertise, client management experience and highly effective media relation skills.

During the time I took off to go on maternity leave, the commercial world has changed dramatically. Boundaries are now blurred between digital online marketing and traditional PR techniques. Pulling these disciplines together results in smart and more impactful messages for our clients and delivering much more successful campaigns.

I was thrilled to join such a creative, energetic and intelligent team like the guys at Boom. I love the ethos behind the agency and the way they look after their clients and employees.”

Director, Ian Lockwood said “With Nada’s experience running her own PR agency and of working for some big names, we’re delighted that she’s joined us to bring her expertise to bear on bridging the gap between online and offline PR for our clients, helping them to build the brand authority that’s as important to SEO as it is to any other form of marketing.”

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