What Boom Have Been Reading October 2017 Edition

  • Amy Hunt 
Halloween reading

Well, October has definitely been a crazy busy month here at Boom; three new fabulous recruits who have all settled in beautifully, new clients jumping on board and our very own legend, Martin Baxter PPC decided to get married! Though, we’re not quite sure why he’s returned from his honeymoon sporting a full and luscious ‘tashe that even Tom Selleck would be proud of.

This month, the team here at Boom have been doing some serious reading and have compiled an eclectic mix of articles that are packed full to the brim with valuable insights for you to enjoy. From SEO to PPC to web development and PR, pull up a pew and indulge yourself in all things digital marketing.

Ian Lockwood

Ian Lockwood


Google Index Coverage Report

by AJ Kohn (@ajkohn) This is a very in-depth exploration of the new Google Search Console beta, including an Index Coverage Report and many new pieces of information about how Google treats pages you have submitted/it has crawled/indexed. It also includes some very useful tips and reasons for splitting up XML sitemaps, an exploration of what Google’s labelling of pages in the new report might mean and some other findings relating to Google ignoring canonical and hreflang tags.

Wayne Barker

Wayne Barker

Director of Online Marketing

There were a couple of solid presentations from the recent Searchlove conference that I would point you to:

Proposing Better Ways to Think about Internal Linking

by Will Critchlow (@willcritchlow) If you are interested in IA and how it can impact on search (and like some technical stuff) then have a dig into this:

Video SEO in 2017: How to Rank Videos Higher in Google & YouTube

by Justin Briggs (@justinrbriggs)

Link Building Case Studies, Myths and Fails

by Paddy Moogan (@paddymoogan) Pete introduced me to this site 99percentinvisible.org – so that was nice of him.

We lost Eric Ward  – the original link builder whose wisdom will be greatly missed. If you have never read any of his stuff then you should check some out here:

338 Linking Strategy Articles, Columns, Videos, Webinars and Interviews from Eric Ward

James Walsh

James Walsh

Head of Production

Who Leads the Market of Ecommerce Platforms in 2017

by aheadworks (@aheadworks) It’s that time again! Aheadworks have taken another close look at the popularity of ecommerce platforms. Whilst it’s not quite as in-depth as their previous breakdowns, it’s still a useful way to get a feel for the landscape across the top 10k and top 100k ecommerce sites.

It’s interesting to see, that even with the introduction of lots of new players, WooCommerce and Magento are holding onto their top tier positions, with WooCommerce actually edging out Magento in both brackets.

Lauren Roitman

Digital Marketing Client Manager

Creativity on Tap AKA Bono’s Hats and How to Have a S***-Load of Ideas

by Wayne Barker (@wayneb77) Being creative all the time is ruddy hard. In Wayne’s most recent presentation from the world famous* Drink Digital meetup, he shares some insider tips on how to break the creative process down to different “hats” to avoid burnout and keep the ideas flowing…

A Back Stretch You Can Do Whilst Sitting

by Jason Chen for Lifehacker Us digital marketers are, unfortunately, a desk-bound bunch. A wander round the office every couple of hours and a few back stretches won’t undo the effects of years of poor posture, but it can help to alleviate some of the symptoms. Give this one a go… no-one will even know you’re doing it…

Peter Bingham

Digital Designer

In Defense of Papyrus: Your Guide for When to Use Despised Fonts

by Keith Spencer (@_kaspencer) Us designer-types can be harsh on fonts, especially Comic Sans. But even the most-loathed fonts have their place, it’s just that they are abused, misused and overused. Here’s a cracking list to get any designer’s blood boiling. Also the new Dropbox squishy font thing is just terrible…

Responsive HTML Table Techniques & Examples

by Eric Karkovack Tables don’t always work on mobile, especially if they fall off the edge of the page. Here are a few tried and tested techniques to get tables working for you on mobile.

Chris Dennis

PPC Account Manager

Breaking Down AdWords 200% Overspend Policy

by Sam Lalonde (@sam_lalonde) Another month, another Google power grab. After removing some ad rotation options last month, this month they kindly began offering us more ‘flexibility’ – by deciding to spend up to double our daily budgets, on the days which suit them best. This article offers some details, as well as a flawed, but workable solution if you need to stick to a fixed budget.

Amy Hunt

Digital Marketing Executive

Timely and Relevant is the Only Message That Matters

by Kissmetrics (@Kissmetrics) Getting your message out there, particularly on social media, isn’t just about what you’re trying to say, but timing too. It’s about hitting the right audience at the right time. We’ve seen a few instances recently where using current topics as part of a publicity stunt, hasn’t had the most positive effect (I’m looking at you Donald Trump). So how can you use real time events to better your social media marketing strategy? Kissmetrics have put together this comprehensive article that highlights what you should consider and how to use those considerations to your advantage.

Blogging Statistics & Trends: The 2017 Survey of 1000+ Bloggers

Andy Crestodina (@crestodina) Writing a blog post isn’t just about scribbling down your ramblings and hoping that someone fancies reading it. To get the best out of blog posting from a marketing point of view, there are a number of elements that go into making you a successful blogger. Andy has spent the last year collating statistics and insights from over 1000 bloggers, all of whom have their own style and preferences. It’s a great piece with visuals to back up the findings as well as useful tips from experts within the industry.

Katie Walton

Head of PPC

Word association: Here’s a script for analyzing the phrases that associate with your terms

by Dan Gilbert (@dangilbertppc) Really useful AdWords script to save you hours of brainstorming and search query mining and lets you get to the heart of what terms people use in connection with your keywords. Scripts like this are great because they free up your time to optimise performance based on data instead of simply gathering the data.

Amy Fowler

Digital Marketing Client Manager

How to Avoid a Bad https Migration

by AJ Dyrbye (@ajdyrbye) A very handy and very detailed checklist of everything to consider before, during and after a https migration.

Chelsea Potter

Digital Marketing Client Manager

Desktop Isn’t Dead: Why Not Everything In SEO Is Mobile-First

by Clark Boyd (@ClarkBoyd) With a large amount of attention on mobile-first, it can be easy to forget about desktop. However, this article is an interesting read about why it’s just as important to spend time on a desktop strategy. A great deal of people still spend time searching on desktop devices, and desktop dominates some industries as the channel for completing conversions. It’s important to understand how audiences interact with different devices and Clark makes some good points in relation to this.

How To Stay Relevant As A Writer In The Visual Age

by Joe Griffin (@joegriffin) Images/videos, they’re a popular trend. They capture people’s attention quicker and they achieve more shares. Written content remains important however and people still read articles, you simply have to adapt your style to accommodate for changing user needs.

David Allsop

Web Developer

Ubuntu 17.10 Now Available to Download, This Is What’s New

by OMG! Ubuntu (@omgubuntu) As I use Ubuntu 16.04LTS on my home computer, I try to stay up to date with all the latest Ubuntu developments happening throughout the year. Ubuntu 17.10 (named as it’s released in October 2017) is a short term release supported for 9 months. It is a very intriguing release as Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) has recently dropped its own custom built desktop environment, Unity, in favour of GNOME. A desktop environment (or DE) is basically made up of a unique graphical user interface and bundled software.

The now defunct Unity included many great workflow features such as global (as seen on Mac OS) and locally integrated menus, the HUD (which allows you to quickly search through menu items to perform tasks) and much more. The switch to GNOME has meant the removal of many of these much loved features and has caused quite a stir in the Ubuntu community. For now, I won’t be upgrading until I start to see some of those features transition over. The next release will be Ubuntu 18.04LTS due April 2018 and will be a long term support release.

Cara May Cole

Digital PR Specialist

Does PR Have a Reputation Problem Within the Media?

by Diane Schwartz (@dianeschwartz) Insightful piece exploring the perception of PR teams within the media. In the midst of topical scandal (Harvey Weinstein), crisis communications and campaign “tactics” are being put to question. This article really helps to analyse the line between healthy media questions and scepticism vs. the job of PR professionals as communicators, and the reputation of managers across sectors.

Helen Halfpenny

Helen Halfpenny

Digital Marketing Client Manager

19 Technical SEO Facts for Beginners

by John E. Lincoln (@johnelincoln) Technical SEO is often overlooked, or considered intimidating, particularly by those just starting out, but it’s really a series of key building blocks for your site. Content is vital, but without the technical SEO to back it up, it can only get you so far. This article helpfully breaks down 19 important technical SEO issues and provides advice on what you need to do to address them.

Lindsay Ball-McQueen

Lindsay Ball-McQueen

Digital Designer

A Designer’s Guide To Brainstorms That Are Actually Useful 

by Eli Woolery (@ewoolery) In a bid to get moving on a design project, especially in a climate of tight deadlines and budgets, it can be tempting to skip the brainstorming process and start furiously working away on your initial idea. Brainstorming can be seen by some designers as a ‘watering down’ of ideas, of letting ‘non-creatives’ put dampeners on potentially exciting ideas, but it is exactly this criticism and variation of experience and thought processes that could lead you down avenues that may never have become apparent.

Mark Howarth

Junior PPC Executive

A Beginner’s Guide to Display Advertising

by Mike O’Brien (@MikeO13rien) I setup my first display campaign this month and this article helped me get to grips with what needs to be considered when doing that. Additionally, this Google Help article has some really good info on the most effective display ad sizes.

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