What Boom Have Been Reading August 2017 Edition

Despite the awful weather we’ve been having, spirits have been high here at Boom and August has been another busy one for us!

If you’ve been waiting patiently for your monthly dose of  tips, tricks and industry insight to help you on your way in the digital marketing world, then you need wait no more! Grab yourself a cuppa and a comfy chair and dig in to what the guys here at Boom Online have specially selected for you…


Wayne Barker

Director Of Online Marketing

by Dawn Anderson (@dawnieando)

If you are feeling kind of techy then this is a great read – getting under the hood of some crawl budget questions.

by Kerry Jones (@snarkandpepper)

I’m a big fan of getting things wrong (as long as the client is aware). It helps you get better. I get it wrong in link building more than most so it’s good to read someone else does as well.

As A Trello Board by Lauren Moon (@elmoonio)

I’m also a big fan of the Eisenhower Matrix, I’ve used it for link building in the past. I have it in Liquid Planner. It’s good. This is it in Trello. Super.

Oh and the end is nigh.


James Walsh

Head of Design

by Sarah Goodling (@pollyplummer)

So, WordPress 5.0 isn’t that far away – and with it comes Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the WordPress response to the likes of Squarespace and Wix. An effort to make pagebuilder of sorts and re-target the platform towards its original base of independents & SMEs.

What I can’t quite shake is that, compared to say, Visual Composer or Elementor, Gutenberg seems overly simple and feels like just adding another cog to a machine with an increasing number of moving parts. What will Gutenberg do to sites already using visual editors?  Why is WordPress automatically trying to launch something early that feels like it’s already behind the competition?  

Either way – it’s going to be an interesting 2018 in the WordPress Community.


Lauren Roitman

Digital Marketing Client Manager

by GTmetrix (@gtmetrix)

Oh page speed, you fickle pain in the a**. The results of your page speed testing can vary hugely depending on the tool you use. This article explains the key differences in these performance analysis tools. When performing technical SEO tasks, I now try to use at least two different speed testing tools to get a better overview of performance.

by Jess Hutton (@JessLHutton)

I’m a sucker for a list and this is a pretty big one! Jess has gathered together some of her favourite advice emails, resources and tips in one mammoth post that’s still growing as we speak! An interesting read that’s well worth bookmarking for future use too.


Claire Brain

Digital Marketing Client Manager

by Tom Capper (@THCapper)

It’s not a problem many of us have on a daily basis, in fact it would be a very nice problem to have! But the question of getting more traffic when you can’t rank higher intrigued me. Some interesting thoughts here on what can be done.

by Nikki Gilliand

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or to develop bad habits when it comes to copywriting. This overview of great copywriting from travel brands is both interesting and inspiring.


Chris Dennis

PPC Account Manager

by Andy Taylor (@PronouncedAhndy)

With the clock ticking for Google to respond to the EU’s ruling on shopping ads, here’s a timely look at what could change if this area becomes more competitive.


Rhea Walker


by Clifford Chi (@BigRedDawg16)

I started blogging a few years ago and at the beginning I had no clue where to start, how much to write, what to write about and how to put a blog post together. So, this is 8 writing tips I wish I knew before I started blogging.

by Kaylynn Chong

Most often, the reason businesses are on social media is to help customers and to get the business out there. When people genuinely like your social media accounts and the people behind them, it’s bound to help your business. I think these 4 tips are helpful when trying to win people over!    


Peter Bingham

Digital Designer

by Tom Greever (@tomgreever)

Code can get messy really quickly, especially when you’re just starting out and before you know it, things can get hacky. Without a good understanding of layout and some solid forward planning you’re basically screwed. Don’t panic. This handy guide lays out 9 simple design implementation principles for HTML and CSS, so that the next time you hit the code editor you can start your project with a plan.


Amy Hunt

Digital Marketing Executive

by Tony Edward (@tonyENYC)

For many bricks and mortar businesses such as retail stores, restaurants and hair salons, having an online presence can be an invaluable boost. This article from Tony goes a long way to explaining the importance of local SEO and how to get it right for maximum effect.

by Caitlin Burgess (@CaitlinMBurgess)

Some great little tips from Caitlin that can help take your research for content to the next level.


Katie Walton

Head Of PPC

by Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin)

AdWords has long been pushing the benefits of using their optimise ad rotation options over manual ad testing. They’ve just announced a major change to ad rotation options that may make wary advertisers even more uncertain about making the switch. Read Ginny’s excellent piece that explains the details – along with some of the history behind this decision.


Amy Fowler

Digital Marketing Client Manager

by SEMrush (@semrush) and Elena Terentyeva (@LenaTerentyeva)

Interesting study from SEMrush using data from 100,000 websites and 450 million pages to establish which technical SEO mistakes crop up on sites most often.


Chelsea Potter

Digital Marketing Client Manager

by Sergey Grybniak (@grybniak)

I’m a big fan of checking out the competition and seeing who’s top of their game, so I very much liked Sergey’s round up of these cool and creative 404 pages.


David Allsop

Web Developer

by Mel Choyce (@melchoyce)

This article written by WordPress core contributor, Mel Choyce summarises the tickets and improvements that are being looked at in the upcoming WordPress 4.9, due November 14th.

by John Blackbourn (@johnbillion)

John Blackbourn, a core WordPress contributor has put together this neat github document which lists all the situations where WordPress sends an email, along with how to filter or disable each email. This is a useful bookmark when developing for any project where you may want to manage the default emails differently. This list is accurate as of the current WordPress 4.8 release, and includes some upcoming changes for WordPress 4.9.


Martin Baxter

PPC Account Manager

by Dave Trott (@davetrott)

I’ve been reading Dave Trott’s book after borrowing it from Wayne, the title of which doesn’t look good when I’m seen reading it in the swimming pool changing room but a good read nonetheless. It’s all about outwitting the competition and facing challenges head on whether that’s in life or at work.

by John Divine (@Divinebizkid)

I’m a bit late with this one as I saw this article by John Divine in July, but it goes a long way to explaining AdWord’s recent focus on improving search campaigns over shopping.

by Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick)

I read all of this last night, even some of the comments (conscientious I know). A very informative piece from Barry about recent changes to AdSense and what it means for CPC.

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