Boom Online Marketing Buck the Recession to Celebrate One Years Trading

Nottinghamshire based online marketing company, Boom Online Marketing, are holding a birthday celebration on the 1st of July as they mark the end of their first year trading

Against all odds for businesses in the current climate, Boom has grown by leaps and bounds over the previous twelve months. Expanding from a two-man-band operating primarily from home, joint directors Ian Lockwood and Robert Deans now employ three additional members of staff and are settled in their first office based in Long Eaton.

With an unorthodox volume of businesses entering into administration and levels of unemployment in many regions reaching all-time highs, many would state that taking the risk to set-up independently is nonsensical. However the combined knowledge, experience and determination of Robert, Ian and their team has secured the company’s success.

The company focuses on all aspects of online marketing including search engine optimisation, Google adwords, social media and email marketing.

The importance of online marketing to the business world today is undeniably one of the reasons why in the face of such austerity, Boom Online Marketing continues to expand.

The internet was initially launched in 1982 as a way for the American armed forces to communicate between locations. However it wasn’t until 1995 that the internet became fully commercialised and began its growth into the extraordinary platform of information, entertainment, communication, and commerce that it stands as today.

For a number of years only the most privileged of businesses could afford to take their company online. However due to the expansion and increased affordability of the World Wide Web, it is today almost essential for a business to possess an online forum for the display or sale of their product or service.

It is due to this that the services of the internet marketing company have become so valuable. Each time a website is launched, the competition for visitors to that niche becomes more competitive. The primary goal of every commercial website is to reach that lucrative top position on the Google search engine; however as competition increases, and Google tightens its rules once more, attaining such a spot without the help of seasoned experts is something many companies can only dream of.

Boom caught onto this growing market and the need for a rounded, successful and honest approach to online marketing. Following the fusion of two talents in July 2010 the firm quickly developed a proven record in helping businesses, mostly located locally within the East Midlands, to improve their online visibility, social media presence and conversion rate.

Robert Deans, one of the co-directors at Boom Online Marketing, said, ‘Following the unprecedented success of our first twelve months in business we are now looking to the future. Over the next twelve months we hope to continue growing at a sustainable rate, while looking to diversify the services we offer by branching out into specialist areas such as conversion rate optimisation and website performance management.’

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