Boom Move into Bigger and Better Premises!

Nottinghamshire based online marketing company, Boom Online Marketing, are thrilled to announce the completion of their move to new office premises in the bustling borough of Beeston.

Surpassing all expectations, the firm’s rapid expansion instigated the critical need for a move into larger premises. Boom’s previous office, located only a few miles from the new site, offered limited capacity for growth, and with the firm on the hunt for two additional employees a need for more spacious surroundings called.

Boom first made the transition from remote working to office life just nine months previously in April of this year. After the company formed in July 2010, the employment of two full time staff members meant that directors Robert and Ian felt remote working no longer suited the needs of the company.

Company director Robert Deans said, “when we initially moved into the Long Eaton office, we had no idea our time there would be so short-lived. At first we were thrilled to have simply made the progression from a team working remotely at home into a space where we could all work together on a daily basis.

I’m stunned but equally thrilled to say that in only nine months our client base has grown to such proportions that we need to take on additional members of staff and make the move into larger, more permanent premises.”

Boom’s previous office formed part of an office building that was shared with a number of other Nottinghamshire companies.

The new premises are self-contained, with the style and space needed to reflect the professional stature of the company. Boom hope to be settled in the Beeston office for at least the next five years.

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