What Boom Have Been Reading February 2018 Edition

As we close the door on the month of romance and over spending, Spring is almost in sight (it’s been soooo long!) and our usual game of reading all the things has been as strong as ever (particularly Martin who seems to have gone on a PPC reading bender this month). We’ve got some great articles/studies/tools for you to get your digital marketing shaped teeth into, including the presentation slides from our first Drink Digital of 2018. Enjoy!


Ian Lockwood


by Justin Briggs (@justinrbriggs)

Not actually an article as such, but a Twitter thread in which Justin explains how to use Chrome Dev Tools to access the auto-suggest search term feed of a website’s search function, thereby gaining access to common searches made on the site. Nifty and not a little sneaky, just the kind of tip I like.


Wayne Barker

Director Of Online Marketing

by Aleyda Solis (@aleyda)

I’m a sucker for a good slideshare and this is a great intro into long analysis from Aleyda. If you want to dig deeper you can have a look here or here. But these slides will get you primed.

by Barry Adams (@badams)

Nothing pleases me more than an organised list of things about a thing that I like to learn about. So here is one of these – put together by Barry.

We also held one of semi regular local marketing meetups at the start of the month. We had Patrick along from Sitebulb to talk about Javascript: 

by Patrick Hathaway (@hathawayp)

And if pretty slides is your bag, then you might want to look at mine from the same event  – a lot of them prettified by our designer dude Peter (@peteboomdesign) – you should go follow him.

Be More Punk. F**K The Experts by me – 


Oh and Screaming Frog released a pretty sweet update.


James Walsh

Head of Design

by Review Signal (@ReviewSignal)

We’ve been hosting WordPress and WooCommerce websites exclusively on Kinsta since our own survey of hosts in 2016 proved them to be the best option for us.

It’s good to see that even in 2017 they kept improving, and are literally the best WordPress hosting option available at every tier according to ReviewSignals extremely robust impact load testing.


Peter Bingham

Digital Designer

by Erik Karkovack (@karks88)

The first time I ever built a WordPress site I didn’t use a child theme. You probably didn’t either, admit it. Whoops. Big whoops. If the theme ever updated (fortunately, it didn’t) I’d have lost a lot of hard work.

This simple guide breaks down everything you need to know so that you’ll never have to worry. Get it right first time, use a child theme.


Martin Baxter

PPC Account Manager

by Jaydip Parikh (@JaydipParikh)

Great outline for a startup pitch deck and how to use keyword tools to estimate market size and competition.

by Simona Weinglass (@SWeinglass)

How the FBI is working with Facebook (and trying to work with Google) to stop ads for fraudulent financial services.

by Andy Taylor (@PronouncedAhndy)

Data heavy article giving an historical insight into CPCs for branded keywords correlated with AdWords updates. Also claims brand keyword CPCs are mostly calculated by Google’s rather than competition.

by Kyle Infante

How the US addiction and recovery industry misled suffering addicts and alcoholics with strategic digital marketing tactics and what Google has done to curb the gross abuse of the market.

by Lucas Miller (@EchelonCopy)

Will emojis become legal AdWords characters this year? It would certainly make ad testing more interesting but I’ll have to make sure I know what they all mean first.

by Jennifer Slegg (@jenstar)

Bing continues to innovate by testing site links displayed as a single column instead of two.

by Pauline Jakober (@GrpTwentySeven)

More like the risks associated with taking a break from managing your AdWords account or having an agency manage your account. These will also apply if your agency isn’t managing your account correctly.

by Darrel S. Rivers

About a Ukrainian cyber criminal gang which used Google AdWords to post malicious ads to phishing links to steal user’s bitcoin wallets.

by Jennifer Faull (@JenFaull)

Outsourced moderators pressured to approve web content as “Family Safe” even if it was in languages they didn’t understand, including ads.

by Daniel

Finally Google’s advertising platforms support Tamil as a targetable language.

by Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick)

Missed call extension spotted in the wild.

by Todd Saunders (@toddsaunders)

Supposedly “men’s elephant pants” are a gift of love, I think they’re like lounge pants.


David Allsop

Web Developer

by David Attard (@dartcreations)

Detailed article highlighting the automated checkout testing functionality available for WooCommerce within RobotNinja such as loading shop/product pages, adding products to cart, checking out and more. The article guides you through setup, scheduling, multi store configuration and discusses functionality currently in BETA.


Helen Halfpenny

Digital Marketing Client Manager

by Stoney DeGeyter (@StoneyD)

Not all webpages are created equal, so when it comes to SEO, they need different treatment. This article is part of Search Engine Journal’s SEO 101 e-book and covers the different types of webpages you’re likely to come across, from “About Us” pages (don’t overlook: studies have shown that visitors who see “About Us” pages tend to convert better) to product detail pages (make use of dynamic keyword insertion). Remember, every page is a landing page, so make sure they all count!


Amy Hunt

Digital Marketing Executive

by Josh Newall (@NewallJosh)

A great article about how to deal with the uncertain yet increasingly popular AI functions that we’re seeing more and more of. Covering the vulnerabilities you may face as well as what areas to target for best results.

by Kerry Jones (@snarkandpepper)

A really insightful article from Kerry that gives you clear, data driven tips on what works and what doesn’t when link-building.


Cara May-Cole

Digital PR Specialist

by Robbie Abed (@RobbieAb)

As we all know, KFC have had a pretty tragic month after having to close hundreds of stores due to a hiccup with their suppliers. After being the butt of a seemingly never- ending joke by the British public, their PR team went to work with a simple, yet effective ad. As Robbie breaks down in the article, the ad is a brilliant example of effective crisis management.


Lindsay Ball-McQueen

Digital Designer

by Dom Carter (@DomCarterAgain)

It may seem like a small issue, but when a feature I use daily just disappeared, it felt like I had my shoes on backwards! So if like me, you were perplexed to see the sudden departure of the ‘view image’ button in Google images and wondered why somebody would do this to you, here is the reason and more importantly, the solution.

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